Supergrass quality equine forage

Professionally produced hay and haylage specially for the equine market. Consistent quality delivered nationwide direct to your yard.

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    Address Supergrass Forage Limited, Skerne Leys Farm, Driffield, East Yorkshire, YO25 6SH

    Supergrass Forage Ltd has been created to offer a fast, convenient and cost-effective way to purchase hay and haylage online.

    Our products are professionally produced from specially grown grass leys, by our highly experienced team, who have a wealth of knowledge in the equine forage industry.

    We have been producing top-quality equine forage on our Yorkshire farm since the mid-1990s. To begin with, we supplied our own livery business and our home-bred competition horses, but demand soon grew and we had a long list of SUPER happy customers.

    Over the years we have honed our skills to produce the finest quality hay and haylage for horses and ponies. We continued to expand our production and now have over 400 acres in production, supplying a wide variety of equestrian customers, from racehorse trainers and top-flight competition yards, right across the equestrian spectrum to hunters, Sunday hackers and pony clubbers. Horses abd ponies of all ages and breeds love our products. Whatever your equine pursuit, we have the forage for you.

    We have continually invested in our business to ensure we produce and deliver a SUPER quality product and service. We are now in a position to offer haylage nationwide at great prices.



    Our Chilled haylage offers the same great high fibre content you get in our GRAFTER product, but with lower energy levels and lower protein. This is more suitable for horses and ponies in light to no work or for those that are ‘good-doers’. This product is also a little softer and can be more suited to veterans and native breeds. 


    GRAFTER is designed to be fed to equines that are ACTIVE with medium to high workloads. With higher protein and energy levels than our CHILLED product, this haylage provides equines with the required energy for whatever equine pursuit, and the required protein for muscle recovery and to retain overall condition. Our mixture of grasses provides a great high fibre content and first-class palatability.

    Our beautifully made haylages offer a great dust-free alternative to hay.


    Our easy to handle 15kg bales of premium quality hay are available in two varieties:

    Premium Timothy Hay (Similar to ‘American’ hay): grown from our own specialist seed mixture producing super-high fibre hay.

    Traditional Meadow Hay: made from our heritage grass leys that have matured over years to produce a soft, sweet, diverse forage.

    Available in full pallets of 40 bales or part pallets of 25 bales.