7 of the best technical nosebands for the stronger horse

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  • Here we bring your our pick of the best innovative and alternative nosebands for horses that "pull", runaway or become numb in the rein while being ridden

    Horses that “pull”, run away, like to take control or cross their jaws are all common problems riders can face. There are many options to help manage these horses; one of which is trying a slightly stronger noseband. Here we bring you some of the innovative and alternative options away from the regular cavesson, flash, drop or grackle. When looking to use one of these nosebands you must consider the reasons why your horse is strong (crosses his jaw, opens his mouth, etc), its comfort when wearing one and whether it is permitted in competition.

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    Silver Crown H noseband

    The Silver Crown H noseband is designed to fasten with two straps under the horse’s jaw, and has a soft, padded nosepiece. This design allows for relaxation of the lower jaw, without restricting breathing.
    RRP: £96
    Visit: www.equiport.co.uk

    Claridge House Anatomical crank flash noseband

    A crank flash noseband which is anatomically shaped with space for your horse’s nostrils to move freely. It is also softly padded, made of premium leather and is available in pony, cob, full, extra-full sizes.
    RRP: £26.90
    Visit: www.kramer.co.uk

    Kate Negus elastic grackle noseband

    The Elastic Grackle combines the action of a grackle without the fixed nature of leather that some horses can fight against. There is also sheepskin padding where the elastic crosses to allow for extra comfort. We think this noseband would be good for horses that can cross their jaws but also fight against a traditional leather grackle.
    RRP: from £57.50
    Visit: www.katenegus.com

    Equipe Total Control noseband

    This drop noseband features a unique rigid front piece, which allows your horse to positively accept it while still giving you control. The triple adjustment mechanism helps you achieve the perfect fit and gives greater control through the reins. Available in full and cob sizes, in black, brown and red brown
    RRP: £76
    Visit: www.bitworld.co.uk

    RNB Rope noseband

    This rope noseband is useful for horses that are slightly stronger as an alternative to using a crank noseband. It is made of English leather with brass hardware and has a detachable flash.
    RRP: from £35
    Visit: johnwhitaker.com

    Dy’on New English Collection double noseband

    This innovative noseband from Dy’on combines the effects of a cavesson and a drop noseband. It controls the opening of the mouth, limits the shifting of the jaws and is designed for strong horses. The two parts can be adjusted independently allowing you to achieve an optimum fit and your own intended effect. Also, the positioning of the drop prevents pinching at the corners of the mouth.
    RRP: £95
    Visit: www.sederholm.co.uk

    Kate Negus Combination noseband

    This is a highly effective noseband for the older or wiser horse who likes to take control and can run itself into trouble. The front leather piece is reinforced with metal to prevent this part from stretching and therefore becoming too loose to have any effect.
    RRP: from £180
    Visit: www.katenegus.com

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