8 superb snaffle bits with a lozenge

Are you looking for a new, stylish snaffle bit that features a lozenge mouthpiece? If so look no further….

Bombers elliptical lozenge full cheek snaffle

Fulmer Elliptical

This bit features blue sweet iron to encourage salivation and to help the horse accept the bit. The elliptical lozenge mouthpiece has a 45mm lozenge and when used on a horse that uses his tongue to push against the bit, it will help to bring him back to a better point of control. Additionally, the Fulmer cheek piece will prevent pinching on the sides of his mouth and stop the bit from being pulled through the mouth, helping to guide the horse’s head.

RRP: £76

Visit: www.fearnsfarmpartnership.co.uk or call 01704 823539

KK Ultra

KK Ultra

This is the ideal starter bit and should be in everyone’s tack room. Its sympathetic shape and unique middle link (which is angled forward by 45°) means that it gives a sensitive connection between the rider and the horse.

RRP: £122

Visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk or call 01352 763350

Gold Medal Anatomica D-Ring snaffle bit


This double-jointed, anatomically shaped bit is 14mm thick. The bit is nickel-free and is made from a special alloy that encourages chewing. As a result the horse produces more saliva and becomes more supple.

RRP: £46.90

Visit: www.kramer.co.uk or call 01803 420125

Novocontact double-jointed bit


This is the latest bit from Sprenger and features a unique oval shape design, which widens the contact area of the mouthpiece on the horse’s tongue, without putting pressure on the palate. The bit is good to use on horses that occasionally tend to pull against the hand, but are too sensitive to be ridden with stronger bits.

RRP: £129

Visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk or call 01352 763350

Neue Schule Team Up loose ring snaffle

Neue Schule Team Up Loose Ring Snaffle

This loose ring snaffle is ergonomically curved to encompass the horse’s tongue and align itself underneath the upper palate, giving an even and gentle weight distribution. The Team Up also helps to alleviate over activity in the month and tongue evasions. The bit encourages the horse to soften through the jaw, while relaxing and lengthening the neck. This bit is dressage legal and bit hire is also available on this style.

RRP: £67

Visit: www.dressagedeluxe.co.uk

 Bombers Elliptical Bradoon

Bombers Bit Loose Ring Elliptical Comfy Bit

The Bombers Elliptical Bradoon is a double-jointed bit that features a lozenge in the middle, a curved mouthpiece and loose rings. The rings allow for immediate release and relief from tongue and bar pressure and therefore the bit is immediately reset to a neutral position in the horse’s mouth. The comfy mouthpiece also has an extra curvature, which softens the action and therefore offers more tongue relief. This bit is dressage legal and bit hire is also available on this style.

RRP: £62

Visit: www.dressagedeluxe.co.uk

Lorenzini Titanium snaffle bit

3 pezzi

This bit features a lozenge mouthpiece and is made in Italy from solid titanium which is incredibly light, biocompatible and non-reactive.

RRP: from £98

Visit: www.arkaequipe.com 

 Sprenger Dynamic snaffle

Dynamic RS

This bit is suitable for horses that perhaps need something a little stronger. Like other Sprenger bits, this bit is made from a special material called Sensogan, which is less likely to tarnish and helps to create a smooth and regulated process of oxidation, which enhances salivation over an extended period of time.

RRP: £133.88

Visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk or call 01352 763350

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