Lauren Shannon’s eventing blog: injury brings an abrupt end to the season

  • Unfortunately, my season came to a bit more of an abrupt end than I had hoped! I only had 1 horse due to compete at Oasby Horse Trials last weekend to finish my competitive year and was looking forward to a quiet day’s eventing.

    Sadly, I managed to break my finger and bruise my hand very badly the day before while cross-country schooling some youngsters.

    One of my girls, Jess, headed home for her birthday last week, so I had my other working pupil Becky stay at the yard while I took a couple horses to Somerford Park Farm for some cross-country schooling before the courses become too wet.

    When my yard was smaller and I didn’t have 2 full-time students, I used to go everywhere on my own and never thought twice about it. Therefore, I hopped in the lorry and made my way up to Somerford singing to the radio (I’m not allowed to do that if there is anyone else present!).

    When one of the youngsters spooked and spun round, and I popped out the side door, I didn’t think too much of it. I caught the horse quickly and hopped straight back on, jumping round everything really nicely. It wasn’t until I was walking back to the lorry that I noticed just how much my hand was throbbing! I un-tacked my 1st horse and decided I would be best getting back in the truck and driving home without riding the 2nd horse as my hand was swelling rather quickly.

    I drove home gingerly, then spent the evening getting my hand strapped up and emailing Oasby to withdraw. I felt very silly telling people how silly a fall I’d had and have been dressed down repeatedly for going out in the truck on my own. Although I only had a “silly” fall and managed to get home fine, it could easily have been different, and ended much worse! I will obviously never let my girls go away for their birthdays again (!) or maybe just plan my trips out a bit better.

    Either way, I went along to Oasby on Saturday to teach students, who went brilliantly. In the circumstances, I am quite happy to sit on their coat tails of success as a good end to the season!


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