Kirsty Short’s Badminton first-timer blog: gutted (watch my rein snap while jumping)

  • So the sad news is we are last on the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials wait list. I did have a feeling that we would be very low, but I’m in good company with Zara Tindall only just above me. Despite all of this, I am an optimist and can only pray we get in. Bouncer (Cossan Lad) is going to keep getting fit and ready for Badminton! I was also thinking perhaps I could start a crowd funding page to take us out to Kentucky instead.

    Bouncer showjumping at Lincoln before our tack malfunction

    Last week was a bit hectic. I managed to just about fit uni around the horses going cross-country schooling and training. While I write this blog, I am also trying to get 5000 words done by Friday for uni — why do I always leave it to the last minute?! I also had my last lectures this week. I’m not sure where the past two years have gone but I am not ready to hit the big wide world again.

    ‘Mr B’ went to Lincoln at the weekend with his stable mate Cortage who did a super double clear and finished ninth. I had my super photographer back and some help as well from my friend Rachel — it’s always nice to have an extra pair of hands. We were very lucky that with all the wind the ground was perfect.

    Both horses did nice dressage tests and then I had an interesting moment in the showjumping with Bouncer. A tack malfunction at the sixth fence saw my rein actually snap at the rubber part. This was a first for me and such a shame as Bouncer was flying. I was absolutely gutted for him. He was actually really well behaved given the situation — he could have easily just popped out of the arena over the hedge. I took a check setting up for an upright and suddenly I was like “oh I have no rein attached”. I then leant down and grabbed the bit of rein hanging from the bit and managed to stop him. I did however contemplate for a second maybe I could loop the rein through the bit somehow and carry on. Thankfully my sensible side came over me and I retired.

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    Luckily the BE (British Eventing) steward had seen the incident and said we could still go cross-country which was the main aim of Lincoln to practise turning. Once again I took Bouncer in a snaffle, although he was a little stronger this week but I think that’s just because fences come up very quickly at Lincoln. It is a great track for pre-season warm-ups it has lots of turning lines to get you switched back on ready for the next level.

    Bouncer on the cross-country at Lincoln

    This week for us consists of just training and practising for Belton (one of my favourite events which is next weekend). Bouncer is running in the advanced and Cortage in his last novice before he steps back up to CIC2* level at Burnham Market. We might go out showjumping before Belton but for now, we’re going to enjoy a weekend without eventing.

    Kirsty & Bouncer x

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