Me in action in Dubai Credit: NMGH Photography

Georgia Tame’s jet set showjumper blog: I’ve fallen in love with my sport all over again

  • I’ve arrived in Dubai and oh my word! Firstly, the heat — not to complain, life isn’t too shabby not having to pull on the thermals and waterproofs in the morning. In fact, I’ll stop there. I feel the chances of getting sympathy because it’s too hot in January might be quite slim!

    As you can see in my video, I am based in the most amazing surroundings out here — even the view on my walk to the arena is the stuff of dreams.

    The horses aren’t complaining too much either; after a few days in isolation, they joined me here to begin training Team Z7 style — in their school where you have to concentrate really hard not to just sit and look at the view!

    Me in action in Dubai Credit: NMGH Photography

    Since then we have been non-stop as ‘Breen Team Dubai’ taking on the shows out here with the Z7 horses. Breen Team Dubai is self-coined, that’s not a new name, just Chloe, Shane, myself and a bevy of mini-Breens. But I like it, so from now on out here, we shall be the BTD’s(?)!

    The shows are amazingly put together and the courses have been so nice to ride, and if I may say so myself the BTD’s have been giving everyone a run for their money.

    I’ve always loved showjumping but at home it is a bit the same everywhere you go as I have been going to the same shows for so long. Out here I have fallen in love with showjumping all over again — the shows are incredible and so are all the people that are in involved in them.

    Being presented with my leading rider prize Credit: NMGH Photography

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    The last show we were at, the Dubai two-star, was a great way to round up the first set of shows here. For me to be leading rider was out of this world and I am just so excited to get to the next one.

    In a couple of week’s time I will jumping my first five-star show and I have never felt more ready.

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