Chloe Vell’s dressage blog: managing exuberance

  • Since my last blog we have had some changes. I was recently bringing a 14-year-old stallion back into work for his owners and now he has returned to them and his place has now been taken with a new ride. He is a rising five-year-old stallion with a lovely temperament and a promising future.

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    After a week with us he has proved himself to be very rideable and although on the nervous side is settling well. I am grateful to his owners who bred him to give me this opportunity. It is often seasoned professionals that get rides and younger riders don’t get the same chances. I am glad to have this chance and “Hummus” gets my sole care and attention.



    Since last writing we competed at Addington high profile show with Kaja.

    After a late night arrival due to school we tried to get some sleep as we had an early start time the next morning.

    Kaja is new at Prix St George (PSG) level and finds it exciting. She is very able to do the work but often displays her aptitude for grand prix movements (not required at the moment!).

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    We didn’t show our best work as there were several disruptions to the test but I was pleased with her work in the canter pirouettes and canter half-pass zig zags as we have worked on those with Carl Hester and Gareth Hughes which has made a big difference.

    At this point in the season it is easy to feel that the tests are a little exuberant but you do need that energy when it comes to summer shows outside in high temperatures, and you need a horse that is forward thinking. So sometimes you have to accept some early season sharpness.

    Kaja at Addington

    Kaja at Addington

    As I now have five offers for university I am currently studying for my mock A-levels and deciding which to choose. After a lot of thought I have decided to defer my attendance at university as I would like to have a gap year with less pressure on my time so I can just enjoy my horses, competing, some modelling and perhaps a bit of rest.

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    I have been really fortunate to sign with a modelling agency in Milan as well as my other agency and will spend time there on and off later this year. I am used to flying to Italy as I have done a number of campaigns for my sponsors, Cavalleria Toscana already. On their website you can view the modelling video behind the scenes with Juan Manuel and Isobel Werth, the Olympic dressage riders I was lucky enough to work with on the shoot.

    There are lots of plans and plenty to look forward to. I will keep you posted.


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