Chloe Chubb’s showing blog: it’s been an eventful few weeks

  • The last few weeks have passed in a blur. They have been packed with RIHS qualifiers and other horse shows, along with a first outing for Bam (pictured top), an escaping stallion, a broken fence, an injured pony and some judging, as well as running my normal life (if you can call my life normal!) and doing things like moving in with my boyfriend.

    We were lucky enough to go to Royal Windsor, which is one of my favourite shows, this year. I finished 2nd with Moelview Chieftain in his Olympia class, just piped by his son, who brilliantly went on to take the Olympia qualifier. I think Chief had a very proud daddy moment. We also took Jacob to Windsor as I just love the show and he had a fun day finishing 3rd in his Olympia class and doing the oldies proud.

    Pic by FredtheCat.co.uk

    Pic by FredtheCat.co.uk

    Chief (pictured right)  has remained on a blue run during the past few shows. I don’t know what it is about me, but once I get a few of the same results I seem to get stuck with them. I wear a blue tie so maybe I need to change the tie?! However, we finally managed to break our seconditius by winning our RIHS qualifier at BSPS Area 11 and claim our elusive ticket.

    It was great to call his owners and tell them he had qualified. He is one pony that certainly deserves it and we are already planning the party for when they come down to watch. I consider myself a very lucky person this year with 3 ponies to ride at the RIHS. I think Warwick is particularly special being the only New Forest to have currently qualified in the ridden class.

    Warwick is currently having some time off in a lovely big field and is enjoying himself no end, although he recently decided he would like to do some work again so is enjoying being a happy hacker — something he excels in! I am hoping to get him out to some novice workers during the rest of the season as long as the courses don’t get too big.

    The newest member of the team, Popsters Glamorize (aka Bam), had her first outing where she exceeded all our expectations by winning her Picton class and coming reserve champion. Not a bad feat considering I hadn’t had a chance to ever canter her before the show as she has been away being broken and I hadn’t had time to go down and practice.

    Since the show Bam has been back at home with me and Jacob – much to his delight. Now everything started well and Jacob (a stallion, who has spent the last 2 years covering) was surprisingly well behaved. Well I should have known better – he always bides his time.



    First he trashes my favourite rug (pictured left) and then, when I arrive at the yard the morning before the show, I find his stable door wide open.

    To say my heart was in my mouth is an understatement. I jumped out my car and found him quite happily stood outside Bam’s stable eating some hay. However ever since that day, during which Jacob had obviously had a nice night ‘hugging’ Bam, he has slightly ‘lost the plot’.

    He now has a nice new grill plus locks on the stable door to keep him where he is supposed to be. Their routines have also been changed so Jacob is now out a night and in during the day, with Bam doing the reverse. Best to keep the pair of them at arms length to avoid any unplanned coverings!

    But the drama didn’t stop there. In the midst of a torrential downpour the other week, I returned home from work to find Bam was not in the field I had left her in. As I got closer, I discovered she had her front feet through her rug and saw the fence was down. A quick look around the field and I could see the culprits – 5 deer had come across the field, trashing the fence and spooking Bam, who clearly decided she would rather not be in the same field as them.

    I managed to get her in out the rain only to see the full extent of her cut back legs. Luckily for me, my mum was hosting a meeting for our local BSPS area committee just around the corner. A few minutes later I had a second opinion on Bam’s injuries from the brilliant James Van Pragh. So after a nightmare night of treating Bam’s injuries and rebuilding the fence in the pouring rain so Jacob could spend his night in the field, I eventually got home very wet and very cold. It was not quite the night I needed after work!

    Thankfully Bam’s injuries were mainly superficial and after antibiotics and bute, she is on the mend. It was disappointing as she had been coming on so well with her ridden work and, as everyone knows with youngsters, it is the consistency of work which helps them so much. Fingers crossed she won’t be too wild when I get back on board!

    So after the last few weeks’ adventures, I am now hoping for a few slightly quieter weeks.


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