Why trainers need insurance

  • Q: I am a professional trainer and a member of the BSJA. Teaching is my full-time occupation and I have public liability insurance through the the organisation. I have been told I may need trainer’s liability, is this right?

    Simon Mackaness, of BEIB replies:: All members of the BSJA benefit from public liability insurance of up to £30 million, plus legal costs if any accidental bodily injury or accidental loss or damage to property is caused by a member, for which they are legally held liable, in connection with any private equestrian-related activity arising from the use or ownership or control of horses.

    While this cover is comprehensive, it will not cover commercial and business activities.

    Anyone who is involved in any business-related equestrian activity must have their own public liability policy covering them for the relevant activities.

    In this case, a trainer’s liability policy is absolutely essential as litigation can result in instructors being found liable and being sued for literally millions of pounds, especially ifa child is involved.

    Everyone who teaches should be clear that if a child is badly injured and requires nursing for the rest of their life – due to injuries for which the instructor is found liable – the damages given by the courts for lifelong nursing will be millions of pounds.

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