Why Britain’s dogs need diets

  • A survey carried out by the PDSA estimates that half of all Britain’s pet dogs are overweight

    A report from the PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) suggests that nearly half of Britain’s dogs are overweight.

    Over the past 10 years vets have reported seeing an increased number of dogs in their surgery with weight-related problems.

    Poor diets and inadequate amounts of exercise are being blamed for conditions, such as gum disease and diabetes, as well as heart and kidney problems.

    Elaine Pendlebury, a PDSA senior veterinary surgeon, said, “Our statistics show that we are killing our pets with kindness or just laziness by denying them a healthy diet and regular exercise.”

    In an attempt to generate an increased awareness of their pet’s health, the PDSA has decided to launch a free national “Petcheck Programme”.Mobile units will tour Britain offering advice on diet and exercise to pet owners.

    For more information on the PDSA click here to visit www.pdsa.org.uk

    Is your dog the Slimmer of the Year?

    In response to the growing problem of obesity, pet food company Hill’s has devised and formulated a range of foods to target a variety of health and weight problems.

    They have also launched an annual Hill’s Pet Slimmer of the Year competition, whichis now in its 11th year.

    It encourages owners to help their pets to shift excess pounds by following a careful diet as advised by their vet.

    Before entering the competition, owners are requested to take their pet to their localparticipating vet for a free weight check. Owners should then take a picture of the dog before it starts it’s diet on food from the Hill’s range.

    Regional heats will be held in October and November this year and the dog and catwinner for each region will then go forward to the national final.

    For more information on Hill’s Pet Slimmer of the Year click here to visit www.hills.co.uk

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