What’s new: WOW saddle

Having given us the Flair system, First Thought Equine has now developed its own saddle, WOW.

It uses state-of-the-art technology with a patented carbon fibre tree, which allows the horse to rotate his scapula fully under saddle without interference. As the head of the saddle twists, so your horse achieves greater freedom of movement.

Riders can bolt one of a range of 10 different-sized headplates into this “Flexihead”, so the tree will fit the narrowest and flattest of horses. The panels can also be removed and changed to achieve a different gusset height for horses of a different profile.

The point-less panel system increases the weight-bearing surface, which alleviates pressure on the shoulder blade, in turn liberating the horse’s movement and promoting a bigger stride.

WOW is supplied with the Flair air flocking system.

Riders can mount the detachable leg flaps in two positions (forward and back) for the length of their legs, while positions are interchangeable to suit different disciplines. The anatomically designed seat and single-web stirrup leathers are additional comfort features.

The WOW saddle costs £1,350 (including stirrup leathers).

It is available in black, dark Havana, mid-brown, military and London tan, in various styles including dressage, all-purpose, show jumping and VSD.

Contact First Thought Equine (tel: 01227 831614) or visit: www.wowsaddles.com

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