What’s new: the Gel-Eze underwrap

  • Bumps and bruises are a feature of equestrian life, whether you are dealing with an eventer coming to the end of a hard season, a hunter on its start-of-season legs, or a hack, but Equine Management have hit upon an innovative solution to the problem with the Gel-Eze under-bandage.

    The wrap is invaluable for work, travelling or daily use around the yard, and its high flexibility and malleability make light work of bandaging tricky areas such as knees and hocks.

    Gel-Eze can equally be used to undo damage already done. It serves as an instant cool pack when chilled, perfect for reducing swelling and heat in the limbs and joints, as well as encouraging recovery from strenuous exercise and hard-ground trauma.

    In addition, Gel-Eze can be shoved in the washing machine and is reusable. This practical wrap will make an essential contribution to any stable!

  • Fore more information please contact Equine Management on Tel: 01273 249788. E-mail: info@equineman.com
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