What’s new: Stirrup Control System 3

  • Mountain Horse has never been afraid of pushing the boundaries of design innovation and their new Stirrup Control System 3(SCS3) offers a new solution to an old problem.

    The three-part system consists of boots, quick-release stirrups and stirrup treads, although all three elements can be used in isolation. When used together they are designed to “improve your grip in the stirrup, assist with lower leg stability and help prevent your foot slipping forward, as well as releasing your foot in the event of a fall.”

    The SCS3 is a system of slanted grooves built into the sole of each boot. This pattern interacts with corresponding grooves on SCS3 stirrup treads, which prevent the boot from sliding forwards through the stirrup. The grooves give a choice of foot positions, depending on where you prefer your feet to sit in the stirrups, while the tread is angled to help your heel rest in a downwards position.

    The boots are available in three styles, the black High Caliber rear-zip long boot, the classic Windsor front-zip jodhpur boot (in mahogany and black) and the Stirling rear-zip jodhpur boot (black and dark oak). Matching chaps are available.

    The SCS3 quick release stirrup iron has a composite rubber tube forming the outer section of the stirrup. The tube is designed to remain in place during normal riding pressures but will releases fully in the event of an accident. The stirrups also have a slight backward incline to encourage a “heels-down” foot position.

    SCS3 Quick Release stirrup irons, including treads, cost around £57, while the treads can be purchased on their own for just under £10. The ladies’ High Caliber long boot costs around £174, while the men’s boots are about £183. Both the Windsor and Stirling jodhpur boots cost around £94. All boots purchased before the end of 2005 come with a free pair of treads.

    To find your local stockist contact: Horsemasters Distribution (tel: 01462 432596) or visit: www.horsemasters.co.uk

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