What’s new: Safer by Design jumps

  • In today’s world of health and safety, the new Safer by Design jumps are likely to find favour with riders, trainers and show organisers alike.

    The Safer by Design jumps were originally designed for use in the relatively new equestrian discipline of JumpCross, where riders jump against the clock over knock-down fences across natural terrain.

    The jumps needed to be safe and sturdy with a cup that would allow the pole to drop quickly on contact with the horse. The upright also had to collapse on impact, be easy to re-erect and not cause damage to competitors. A new sport needed a new type of jump stand.

    The Safer by Design team have now designed sets of cups and stands which are suitable for cross-country and show jumping training.

    The uprights are constructed from strong, durable plastics with height notches placed at a variety of angles, making them suitable for a variety of training requirements.

    With no metal protrusions, and a safer, rounded shape, the unique Safer by Design cups can be left on the stands when they are not use without any risk of injury to horse or rider. The cups are available in two depths according to the type of upright chosen.

    The show jumping style stands have circular bases, which can be filled with water or sand for extra stablility if necessary, and are easy to tilt and roll into position. The cross-country stands are supplied with a wooden stake, which is used to secure the upright into undulating ground. The stands are also available in a shorter height for lungeing.

    Available in a choice of starter packs, the cross country set includes two wooden stakes, two uprights, two cups and two tops for around £80. The show jumping set includes two bases, two uprights, two cups and two tops for around £96. All jumps come in a variety of colours and poles can be supplied on request.

    For more information contact Grange Farm (tel: 01780 782356) or visit: www.jumpcross.com

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