What’s new: Proback breeches

  • Lower back pain is a common problem among riders and has led Soigne Equestrian to developed a new style of breeches, the Proback, that offers subtle cushioning and support to the lower lumbar region.

    The breeches have a deep pocket built in to the back of them, which contains a gel pad. The pad offers support to the area, helps to improve the rider’s posture and absorbs shock and impact. The gel can also be warmed before use to aid in therapeutic applications.

    Designed to keep the rider comfortable in all weather conditions, the breeches are made from a machine-washable fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin as well as repelling snow, rain and wind. The breeches can also be tumble-dried.

    The Proback breeches have faux suede seat and are suitable for everyday or competition use. They are available in cream, beige, lilac, navy and raspberry in a choice of plain or pleated front style.

    The breeches are currently only available for women in sizes 22″ – 38″, and cost approximately £155. A range for men and children will be available later in this year.

    For more information contact Soigne Equestrian (tel: 01829 771897)

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