What’s new in the shops?

  • BETA’s annual New Product Awards, which are divided into different categories, including Safety and Security, Saddlery and Tack, Feed and Veterinary and Rider Clothing, are always hotly contested. They provide a valuable insight into new ideas and innovations for horseowners and riders – look out for these products in your tack shop this season.

    Safety and Security

  • Equine Science’s Aussie 21 Helmet: This tough helmet uses up-to-date technology to in-mould the upper and lower shells to a styrene inner for added strength and durability.

    The helmet weighs 290gm with 11 air vents plus elastic retention systems to give a head-hugging, cool fit. It is certified to SEI/ASTM F1163-01 standards and approved to AS/NZS 3838 level and is available in five colours.

    Contact Equine Science (tel: 00 61 3930 3448)

    Saddlery and Tack

  • Frank Baines Reflex Dressage Saddle: Designed to help the rider maintain a classic dressage position, the Reflex Dressage saddle features a single flap system to ensure close contact between horse and rider.

    A concealed “V” girthing system eliminates bulk under the rider’s leg and contoured Velcro knee blocks offer the option to alter the position and type of block to suit your needs. An open-headed, narrow-waisted tree allows maximum wither clearance.

    Available in sizes 17in-18in, in seven different tree widths, in a choice of black, havana or nubuck. Cost at around £1,200.

    Contact Frank Baines (tel: 01922 640847)

    Feed and Veterinary

  • Armadillo Hot/Cold Therapy system: This product allows you to apply hot or cold therapy anywhere on the rider or horse’s limbs.

    When used for heat treatment, the company claims that the system provides quick relief from muscle and joint pain, stiffness and swelling. If used cold, it can help in the treatment of damaged tissue and in reducing the risk of injury after intensive exercise. Cost at around £44.95.

    Contact Armadillo (tel: 01980 629796)

    Rider Clothing

  • Horseware’s Rambo Tech jacket: A breathable, windproof and waterproof jacket lined with Thinsulate for warmth without bulk. An innovative removable waist gaiter gives a full storm seal when riding, while a wrist gaiter eliminates wrist chill.

    Added extras include a removable hood, storm flap, zipped pockets and concealed arm pocket with key ring attachment. Mesh-lined underarm vents can be zipped open for extra breathability. Available from August. Cost at around £110.

    Contact Horseware Ireland (tel: 00 353 42 9389000)

    Horsecare and Equipment

  • Equiplus’ Liquid Ice Equine Wrap: Ideal for use in cold/compression treatment, this individually wrapped stretch cotton bandage is impregnated with an analgesic Liquid Ice solution, which draws heat out of the tissues via rapid evaporation. It remains cold for 2hr, is lightweight, will not impede movement and is completely reusable. Cost at around £10.50.

    Contact Equiplus International Ltd (tel: 01308 423129)

    Other Products

  • Jump Off board game: Designed to be fun and educatational for all ages, the board represents a show jumping arena with 18 jumps, which are used by players to set out their own course. By answering questions, you move your counter around the course to the finish. Cost at around £29.95.

    Contact Stage Coach Games (tel: 01425 485124)

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