What’s new: Fitted sports bras

  • Around 80% of women are believed to wear an incorrectly fitting bra, which can be uncomfortable on a day-to-day basis, as well as being potentially damaging in the long run.

    Wearing a well fitting sports bra while participating in active exercise such as riding can reduce breast movement by up to 50%, reducing pain and discomfort as well as delaying long-term sagging.

    Belstane has joined forces with top sports bras and underwear brand Shock Absorber to offer a proper fitting service for riders in saddlery shops around the country. The fitting service is being launched at Badminton this week, in a luxurious, warm, carpeted, women-only area in the Horse Village.

    Shock Absorber sports bras are made with high performance fibres to ensure maximum fit and comfort. They contain Lycra and Coolmax, which is a moisture absorbing fabric that helps to keep you cool.

    The shock absorber range is available in impact levels from one to four — the higher the level, the stronger the bra’s level of support. Impact levels depend on bust size and level of activity that the wearer takes part in.

    Sizes range from 32B to 38G and are available in a range of colours. Prices range from between £22 and £30. To find your local fitting service contact Belstane (tel:01335 372600 )

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