What’s New: Fal’s Silver Interactive rug range

  • FAL has launched a new range of turnout and stable rugs which will “offer your horse superb comfort, warmth and protection from the elements”.

    The Silver Interactive range incorporates X-Static – a textile fibre that incorporates a layer of pure silver permanently bonded to its surface. Strong, durable and with superb anti-microbial properties, X-Static is ideally suited to equine demands. Its major benefits include:

    Heat transfer: The exceptional natural properties of X-Static keep your horse warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

    Therapeutic: the conductive properties of X-Static have been shown to increase blood flow and reduce swelling, complementing and enhancing your horse’s natural healing system.

    Anti-Microbial: X-Static has been shown to eliminate many types of bacterial and fungal micro-organisms that can hide in your horse’s rug.

    Anti-static: X-Static conducts electricity better than any other fabric, eliminating static and any associated discomfort.

    Fully waterproof and breathable: FAL pro turnouts, now made with X-Static, remain fully waterproof and breathable, thus protecting your horse during extreme weather conditions.

    The Silver Interactive range is available in both FAL Pro Turnout and FAL Pro Stable rugs, in the following product types:

  • Turnouts: Goliath (450g); Viking (400g & 200g); Crusader (350g, 200g & 40g)
  • Stables: Godolphin (400g, 200g & 40g); Galaxy (350g & 200g)

    For more information visit: www.falpro.com, e-mail: sales@falpro.com or (tel: 01670 357300).

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