What’s new: EradiRat

  • Rats and mice are a common problem in nearly every stableyard. They get in to feed bins, can spread disease and gnaw through materials, such as electrical wiring, which can lead to fires.

    Rats can reproduce at such a rate that a single breeding pair can generate a colony of 2,000 in just one year, and, with the UK’s rat population estimated at 70 million, keeping numbers down is vital if an infestation is going to be prevented.

    When using traditional poison, there is always the concern that dogs and cats, or even children, may come in contact with the product. EradiRat and EradiMouse, which are entirely natural rodent control products from Natrocell, address this problem.

    EradiRat and EradiMouse are made from 94% powdered corncob, 1% wheat flour and 5% sweet molasses. Although both products have the same formulation, EradiMouse is produced in a smaller pellet to increase its palatability for mice.

    The product kills rodents because it has high content of cellulose, which they cannot digest. According to Natrocell, the products kill rats in five days and mice in around three days.

    Both products can be purchased through all major agricultural merchants. EradiRat is available in 500g, 5kg and 20kg costing from £6 to £60 and EradiMouse can be purchased in 200g and 3kg tubs, costing £4-£22.

    For more information (tel: 0800 587 4975) or visit: www.natrocell.com

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