What’s new: Equinity video software

  • Most riders are aware of how video can be used successfully to help review training and competition performance. Now a Hampshire-based company has taken video analysis to a new level with computer software specifically designed to pinpoint those areas that need improving in horse and rider.

    The software is used with digital video and enables the rider or trainer to examine performance in minute detail. It allows individual still shots to be examined in isolation as well as comparing two similar performances in split screen mode. A sequence of movements can be viewed in slow motion or as a series of individual stills on one screen to enable weaknesses to be recognised.

    The software has a variety of graphical tools built in, so lines and circles can be drawn over the images, and has the ability to measure angles between lines (see picture), in order to highlight training problems and areas in need of improvement.

    An advanced version of the software includes a built-in database so trainers can monitor the performances of numerous different riders without any concerns about losing track of who is who.

    Charlotte Moss of Equinity says: “The software is extremely versatile and is suitable for riders, trainers and physiotherapists, among others. The software’s tools make it very easy to notice bad habits creeping in, or how performance has improved over time.

    “One use of the database version might be to enable a professional, who specialises in preparing horses for sale, to offer potential buyers a CD with either a selection of horses on, or examples of a horse they are considering buying competing at a variety of competitions. The possibilities really are endless.”

    As you might expect this level of analysis doesn’t come cheap with the basic software (SwingerPro) retailing at £450 and the database version (SwingerPlus) costing £1,100.

    The software will be demonstrated on stand 67 at the Midlands Equine Fair on 13-14 March. For more information contact Equinity (tel: 01264 781 265) or visit: www.equinity.biz

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