What’s new: Blue Chip Bites

  • Blue Chip Bites are a new crunchy cereal-based nugget treat formulated to promote strong, healthy gums and teeth in horses.

    Unlike Blue Chip’s other products, the nuggets are not a supplement. They can be fed alongside your horse’s normal diet by hand as a treat or sprinkled in hard feed to encourage fussy eaters.

    Free from added sugar and with a hard crisp texture, they have a gentle abrasive action that cleans the teeth, while encouraging chewing to aid digestion. The nuggets contain calcium to help strengthen teeth, mint for fresh breath and Equifloss, which incorporates bioflavenoids, to help combat gum inflammation.

    A horse’s dental health plays a major role in maintaining condition and a build up of debris on the horse’s teeth can lead to inflammation, infection and ultimately tooth loss.

    Equine vet Robert Morris says: “Dental health is as important in horses as in humans and with most horses living longer, it is becoming increasingly significant. The lifespan of many horses is reduced due to dental problems.”

    Human dental surgeon, Dr Georges Cabanis, who has owned show jumpers and racehorses for 40 years, says: “I always use a feed that encourages my horses to chew and so stimulate the salivary glands and help digestion. I believe Blue Chip Bites are a great idea.”

    Blue Chip Bites come in 600g screw-top jars and cost around £6.

    Contact Blue Chip (tel: 01142 666200) or visit: www.bluechipfeed.com

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