What’s new: Anti wood-chew supplement

  • Wood chewing can results in many problems for horses, such as excessive wear to the upper incisors, splinter damage to oral parts and colic associated with the ingestion of fragments of wood. It is also destructive and damaging to stables, rails and fence posts.

    There are many suggestions to why horses chew wood, such as nervousness, boredom, lack of socialisation, and feeding problems, and it is believed that it is common in young horses due to their temporary incisors being replaced.

    Quitt is a revolutionary new product developed in the USA by Farnam, which uses a nutritional approach to prevent wood chewing, rather than the usual methods, such as painting wood.

    It combines a blend of essential vitamins, micro and macro minerals and fatty acids all in a pH balanced alfalfa pellet. Horses should stop chewing wood seven to 10 days after beginning the supplement.

    Available in 1.7kg tubs (1 months supply) and retails at £30.

  • For more information contact Horsesense (tel: 0800 867283)
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