What’s new: Air-dried carrots

  • Carrot Express offers owners an innovative new way to feed carrots to their horses.

    The new feedstuff is made from 100% carrot. Premium quality fresh carrots are carefully peeled, sliced and air-dried, ensuring none of the nutrients are lost so the feedstuff contains all the natural energy, vitamins and minerals of carrots.

    The main benefit of feeding Carrot Express, rather than normal carrots, is because it does not go mouldy and black. A handful of Carrot Express can be added to half a litre of water and is ready to add to feed in just 20 minutes. The carrots should not be fed in their dry state.

    “The dried carrots were great,” said Alex Hamilton-White who has been feeding the product to her horse Robyn. “They looked just like the real thing and Robyn took a liking to them.”

    But although Robyn might have approved, Alex was not overly keen on the way they felt. “They mixed in really well to the feed but the texture wasn’t great for feeding as a treat as it was not very nice to touch”.

    For a list of stockists and wholesalers visit www.mydayfeeds.co.uk

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