WEST WILTS, 16 February
95cm. 1, Clear Water Sunbee (K Watts); 2, Quest for Time (V Tuffs); 3, Nethans Virtual Reality (R Moss). Elevator Discovery. 1, Renkum Corlandia (M Burnett); 2, Veldhorn (J Hyde); 3, Apache King (F Ball). 1.15m. 1, Moonshine Billy (M Brake); 2, Gina (B Ford); 3, Kelly de la Roche (J Whibley). West of England Grade C qual. 1, Sonja (L Lockwood); 2, The Diva (L Lockwood); 3, Tis Wat (L Lockwood). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m. 1, Sonja; 2, Amoray (B Ford); 3, Kimama (L Lockwood). Bath & West open qual. 1, Amoray; 2, Mendip Clover (A Valentine); 3, Merely A Man (R Moss).