West Somerset Vale P-to-P

    Cothelstone, Saturday, 15 April (Good to Firm)

    898. Hunt Members, 12st5lb

    1 Bossy Missy (Opera Ghost) (Marie McGuinness), 7a, fav A Charles-Jones
    2 Dandooley (Julie Pocock), 7a W White
    3 Gift of Life (FR) (Sarah Robinson), 7a Miss S Robinson

    Also: Flite of Araby (pu), Poolmoor Comet (pu), 7a. 5 ran. 2l, 6l. 6min 39.0s. SP: 4-6. (West Somerset Vale).

    899. Restricted, 12st

    1 Magnemite (IRE) (Dromod Hill) (Julie Pocock), jfav W White
    2 Barry Lydon (IRE) (Sue Popham), jfav Miss C Tizzard
    3 Jandal (Paul Anderson) D Luff

    Also: Mardereil (IRE) (4), 7a, Clayphento (pu), 7a, See More Fun (pu). 6 ran. 1l, 15l, 6l. 6min 08.0s. SP: 2-1. (West Somerset Vale).

    900. Mixed Open, 12st

    1 Traditional (IRE) (Erins Isle) (Alan Tizzard) Miss C Tizzard
    2 Saint Romble (FR) (Philip Hobbs), fav Miss K Hobbs
    3 Gudlage (USA) (Pat Shaw) Miss V Shaw

    Also: Caundle Chase (4), Mister Rf (IRE) (pu), Sir Norman (pu), Space Cadet (pu). 7 ran. 4l, 15l, dist. 6min 06.0s. SP: 9-2. (Blackmore & Sparkford Vale).

    901. Intermediate (Nov Rdrs), 12st

    1 Euro Bob (IRE) (Bob’s Return (IRE)) (Emely Thompson) Miss A Pearn
    2 Willow Ryde (IRE) (Brett Parsons), fav D Pick
    3 Rushing Again (Robin Butterworth) D Burton

    Also: Mister Bruce (IRE) (pu). 4 ran. 1l, 1/2l. 6min 22.1s. SP: 3-1. (Devon & Somerset Staghounds).

    902. Dodson & Horrell PPORA Club Members, 12st

    1 Bak On Board (Sula Bula) (Alan Tizzard), fav Miss C Tizzard
    2 Machalini (Robin Butterworth) A Morley
    3 Wave Rock (Philip Hobbs), bl Miss D Hobbs

    Also: Barton Saint (NZ) (4), Lincoln Place (IRE) (pu), Teninarow (IRE) (pu). 6 ran. 10l, 1/2l, 6l. 6min 15.0s. SP: 9-4. (Blackmore & Sparkford Vale).

    903. Open Maiden, 12st

    1 Jafaro des Bois (FR) (Art Francais (USA)) (Patrick Picton-Warlow), fav W White
    2 High Rocker (Lisa Smale), bl I Popham
    3 Milnstorm (IRE) (Marie McGuinness) D Luff

    Also: Margery’s Opera (4), 7a, Captain Kelway (pu), Dancing Sid (pu), General Blackthorn (pu), How Splendid (IRE) (pu), Kinallen (pu), Paris Latino (FR) (pu), Quantocks Lastbrat (pu), Silver Image (pu), Waddon Hill (pu). 13 ran. 2l, 5l, 2l. 6min 15.0s. SP: 2-1. (Dulverton (West)).

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