Fakenham, Saturday, 29 April (Good)

1151. Hunts Members (with North Norfolk Harriers), 12st5lb

1 Homme de Fer (Arctic Lord) (Nigel Bloom), fav N Bloom
2 Wonder Weasel (IRE) (Alice Vaughan-Jones) A Vaughan-Jones
3 Doe Nal Rua (IRE) (Tina Hayward) R Morgan-Evans

Also: Sutton Courtenay (IRE) (4), Here Comes Choosey (IRE) (5), Hoplite (6), 8ow. 6 ran. 5l, 10l, runin, 8l, runin. 6min 22.0s. SP: 1-2. (West Norfolk).

1152. Confined, 12st5lb

1 Rocja (IRE) (Arctic Lord) (Simon Stearn), v R Stearn
2 Ain Tecbalet (FR) (Nigel Bloom), bl N Bloom
3 Sure Future (April Gingell) Miss L Franks

Also: Crystal Dance (FR) (4), fav, Present Moment (IRE) (5), Ballykettrail (IRE) (pu), John The Mole (IRE) (pu), bl, Lord Valnic (IRE) (pu). 8 ran. 21/2l, 8l, 8l, 15l. 6min 18.0s. SP: 5-1. (Suffolk).

1153. Restricted, 12st

1 Saffronto (IRE) (Muroto) (Joe Turner), fav J Owen
2 Our Man Friday (IRE) (Sam Hodge) N Bloom
3 Celestial Heights (IRE) (Christopher Lawson) A Braithwaite

Also: Combe Castle (4), Second Thoughts (5), 7a. 5 ran. 5l, 6l, 4l, 5l. 6min 30.0s. SP: EVENS. (Suffolk).

1154. Volkswagen Touareg Mens Open, 12st

1 Deckie (IRE) (Be My Native (USA)) (David Kemp), 7x, fav D Kemp
2 Westfield John (Joe Turner), bl J Owen
3 Gatchou Mans (FR) (Ruth Hayter) A Merriam

Also: Lisnagar Hide (IRE) (4), Cross River (ur), 7x, Libido (pu), v, 3ow. 6 ran. 10l, 4l, 15l. 6min 20.0s. SP: 2-5. (Suffolk).

1155. Ladies Open, 11st

1 Find Me Another (IRE) (Shardari) (Caroline Bailey) Miss A Stennett
2 Hot Plunge (Kelly Smith) Miss K Smith
3 Mon Esprit (Nigel Bloom), 7a Miss L Allan

Also: Leatherback (IRE) (4), fav, Catherine’s Way (IRE) (pu), Multi Franchise (pu). 6 ran. 15l, 30l, 11/2l. 6min 14.0s. SP: 7-4. (Pytchley).

1156. Open Maiden, 12st

1 Standandbecounted (Fleetwood (IRE)) (Julie Read), 7a N Pearce
2 Ashgrove (IRE) (Sam Hodge) J Owen
3 Windtalker (IRE) (Nicola Pollock) A Merriam

Also: Hilly Be (4), 14a, Classy Clarence (IRE) (pu), Harry’s Lane (ur), 7a, fav, Shady Minx (pu), 7a. 7 ran. 5l, 6l, runin. 6min 40.0s. SP: 16-1.