Welcome to T.E.N. — Targeted Equine Nutrition supplements

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    T.E.N. is the definitive new range of highly Targeted Equine Nutrition supplements for horses and ponies, brought to you from the makers of SPILLERS and available exclusively online.

    Developed by passionate horse owners who understand that every horse has individual needs, T.E.N. stands for Targeted Equine Nutrition and that’s what makes this new range outstandingly different.

    T.E.N. provides an honest choice of 31 supplements across the 12 important categories of hoof, joint, digestion, behaviour, immunity, electrolytes, skin and coat, lifestyle, wellbeing, weight management, muscle and respiratory. Such breadth of range means you can target your horse or pony’s individual requirements with precision, providing exactly what you feel he needs, without including what he doesn’t.

    The T.E.N. approach is very straightforward with no wild product claims or suggestions for generic solutions. The ingredients for every supplement have been carefully chosen for their efficacy, safety and traceability and blended together using considerable nutritional and veterinary expertise.

    T.E.N. Product Specialist Verity Beaton explains: “We have taken the best lessons from nature and combined these with what we have learnt through science. This has helped us to produce truly synergistic products that enhance the power of nature, giving your horse or pony the best possible support for his needs.”

    Find out how T.E.N. can support your horses’ individual needs and buy exclusively online at www.tensupplements.co.uk

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