WEG medallists from Aachen 2006

Dressage freestyle individual

Gold: Anky van Grunsven (Salinero) NED
Silver: Andreas Helgstrand (Blue Hors Martine) NED
Bronze: Isabell Werth (Satchmo) GER

Dressage individual

Gold: Isabell Werth (Satchmo) GER
Silver: Anky van Grunsven (Salinero) NED
Bronze: Andreas Helgstrand (Blue Hors Martine) NED

Dressage teams

Gold: Germany
Silver: The Netherlands
Bronze: America

Jumping individual

Gold: Jos Lansink (Cumano) BEL
Silver: Beezie Madden (Authentic) USA
Bronze: Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (Shutterfly) GER

Jumping team

Gold: The Netherlands
Silver: USA
Bronze: Germany

Eventing individual

Gold: Zara Phillips (Toytown) GBR
Silver: Clayton Fredericks (Ben Along Time) AUS
Bronze: Amy Tryon (Poggio) USA

Eventing team

Gold: Germany
Silver: Britain
Bronze: Australia

Driving individual

Gold: Felix Brasseur BEL
Silver: Ysbrand Chardon NED
Bronze: Christoph Sandmann GER

Driving team

Gold: Germany
Silver: Belgium
Bronze: Netherlands

Endurance individual

Gold: Miguel Vila Ubach (Hungares) ESP
Silver: Virginie Atger (Kangoo d’Aurabelle) FRA
Bronze: Elodie Le Labourier (Sangho’Limousian) FRA

Endurance team

Gold: France
Silver: Switzerland
Bronze: Portugal

Reining individual

Gold: Duane Latimer (Hang Ten Surprize) CAN
Silver: Time McQuay (xx) USA
Bronze: Aaron Ralston (Smart Paul Olena) USA

Reining team

Gold: America
Silver: Canada
Bronze: Italy

Vaulting female individual

Gold: Megan Benjamin USA
Silver: Katharina Faltin AUT
Bronze: Sissi Jarz AUT

Vaulting male individual

Gold: Kair Vorberg GER
Silver: Gero Meyer GER
Bronze: Ladislav Majdlen SVK

Vaulting team

Gold: Germany
Silver: USA
Bronze: Austria

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