Warrington showing results, 26 May 2012

  • Hunter (Miss D Atkinson, Mrs S Stephens) novice.– 1, C Davies’ The Kings Speech; 2, M Bates’ Maybe XI; 3, S Wrigley’s Leonardo. RIHS sml.– 1, H Binks’ Wycliff; 2, D Charlesworth’s Exclusively Centerstage. lwt.– 1 & ch, J Day’s Lambwath Dalesman; 2, I Susca’s Mont Saleve; 3, A Cain’s Ryamber Betty Boop. mwt.– 1 & res, J Day’s Over The Rainbow; 2, J Bickerton’s The Optimist; 3, I Susca’s Nolton Carnival. hwt.– 1, J Day’s Benjamin Button; 2, G Glendinning’s Rathagan Flood; 3, K Hague’s Dean Valley Hero. RIHS amateur lwt.– 1, J McLeod’s Burglar Bill II; 2, M Vernon’s Flashman Ferdinand; 3, Ryamber Betty Boop. hwt.– 1, The Optimist 2, Rathagan Flood; 3, D Godber’s Rockefeller. WHP (Mr R Hollinshead, Ms C Collier) mixed height nov.– 1, S McDowall’s Scarletts Jimmy Bunny; 2, A Banks’ Noble Super Ted; 3, N Horsely-Gubbins’ Dinesse VD Manshoek. RIHS WHP NS.– 1, S Rodgers’ Polaris Gerallt; 2, C Weightman’s Stockham Penelope; 3, Scarletts Jimmy Bunny. 133cm.– 1, S Hammond’s Pip; 2, Noble Super Ted; 3, A Layfield’s Milford Fair Commander. 143cm.– 1, S Hammond’s Steel Liath; 2, Dinesse VD Manshoek; 3, J Meyrick’s Carnsdale Mighty Mouse. 153cm.– 1, J Carney’s Ballinacrey Scarry; 2, H O’Brien’s Ballynahowen King; 3, M Hancox’s Kerchine. int.– 1 & ch, C Orr’s Victor IV; 2, J Shaw’s Majestic Lady; 3, H Hague’s Wymantha Fortuna. M&M (Mrs J Higson) mx ht nov.– 1, J Meyrick’s Dearleap Ollie; 2, C Kimberley’s Caerddaniel Martinez; 3, E Stuart’s Caerddaniel Thomas. do open.– 1 & 2, K Seedhouse’s Springfield Park Razzle & Riversdale Ritzy Nix; 3, Caerddaniel Thomas. working hunter (Mrs S Perham, Mrs S Stephens) nov.– 1, P Underwood’s Autocrat; 2, V Smith’s Fulton Heights; 3, L Eadon’s Cloondalagon Flagmount. RIHS open.– 1, M Cooper’s UFO; 2, J Snedker’s Ambras; 3, M Cooper’s Zebedee IV. hack (Mrs M Maclennan, Miss K Sears) nov.– 1, C Addison-Walsh’s Miss Martha; 2, R Walsh’s Chiddock Time Out; 3, P Hodgkinson’s Paddocklow Poseidon. RIHS sml.– 1 & ch, K Vines’ Lestarswood Admiration; 2 & res, A Houghton’s Willowbrook Mayday; 3, T Prior’s Caithness Rustic Gold. lge.– 1, A White’s Dowhills Blazing Bailey; 2, H Jones’ Mutagar. riding horse (Mrs M Maclennan, Miss K Sears) nov.– 1, S Galloway’s Liberetto; 2, C Barnes’ Jack Frost; 3, P Holden’s Court Royal. RIHS sml.– 1, M Hunt’s Mr Osmaond; 2, B Hatton’s Tavillain; 3, Jack Frost. lge.– 1, Court Royal; 2, S Scott’s Greylands Arabian Way; 3, D Bamford’s Myrromere Mister Darcy. cob (Mrs M Maclennan, Miss K Sears) nov.– 1, N Reynolds’ Topp Hat; 2, J Goostrey’s Randalstown Brannigan; 3, C Owens’ My Guardsman Seal. RIHS lwt.– 1 & ch, J Day’s Chesterton; 2, C Tunnicliffe’s Miss Marple; 3, S Worrall’s Rhino. hwt.– 1 & res, C Tunnicliffe’s Equator; 2, Topp Hat; 3, E Goostrey’s Chubby Checkar. maxi.– 1, S Walsh’s Jimmie Choo; 2, V Buckland’s Cobswallop; 3, L Glendinning’s Letterlough Samson.

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