Visit the Centre of Horseback Combat

  • The Centre of Horseback Combat, near Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. A centre of excellence for the tuition and training of horseback archery, jousting and stunt riding — the only such centre in the UK!

    Looking for the next adventure on horseback? Something different and exciting? Using you and your horse to the full extent of your abilities?

    Then look no further, The Centre of Horseback Combat offers tuition in horseback archery, jousting and stunt riding to the brave and adventuresome.

    With a 180 metre international standard horse archery run and amazing specially trained horses they can show you how to go full tilt — the skills you require to ride the horse while handling shield, sword and lance, or indeed to release the horse entirely to free your hands to use the bow whilst still being in control!

    And these new skills really can go places. Last year students have competed in horseback archery at the World Championships in Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Florida and at the European Championships (EOCHA) in Poland and Belgium. We also had one of our horse archers competing at Al Faris in Jordan 2012 in front of the king himself!

    The centre is fully insured and as far as it knows has the only licensed dedicated horse archery and jousting school ever.

    As part of being licensed, the suitability of the facilities, health and welfare of the horses and experience of the tutors is assessed and approved. So in every way you know you are in safe hands and hooves!

    It also offers unique rider confidence courses, and for serious riders our stunt riding courses are challenging, inspiring and empowering!

    Gift Vouchers — valid for a year — are available.

    Follow this link www.horsebackcombat.co.uk to find out about your next adventure!

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