Vine & Craven P-to-P

    Hackwood Park, Monday, 17 April (Good to Firm)

    1001. Hunt Members, 12st

    1 Sir Lupin (Scallywag) (Victoria Flood) Miss K Whitbread
    2 Knowhow (IRE) (Grace Muir), fav R McCarthy

    . 2 ran. runin. 6min 26.9s. SP: 5-2. (Vine & Craven).

    1002. CA Club Members (Nov Rdrs), 12st

    1 Keitho (IRE) (Niels) (Mary Tory) D Green
    2 Montebank (IRE) (Ollie Cann), fav G Walters
    3 Joye des Iles (FR) (Anthony Ward-Thomas) A Ward-Thomas

    Also: Owenabue Valley (IRE) (4), Pandeli (5), Macaroni Beach (6), bl, 7a. 6 ran. 21/4l, 1/2l, 10l, 30l, 2l. 6min 23.7s. SP: 7-2. (South Dorset).

    1003. Mixed Open, 12st

    1 Polar Flight (Polar Falcon (USA)) (Rose Vickery), fav R Bliss
    2 Beadnell Bay (John Dufosee) J Snowden
    3 Rutledge Red (IRE) (Penny Cave) Miss T Cave

    Also: Joyeux Royal (FR) (4), Chief Chippie (5), Newmarket Magic (IRE) (6). 6 ran. hd, 11/2l, 1l, 8l, 2l. 6min 41.5s. SP: 6-4. (Weston & Banwell Harriers).

    1004. Open Maiden, 12st

    1 Lord Code (IRE) (Arctic Lord) (Alice Fox-Pitt) Miss A Goschen
    2 Back To Nature (IRE) (Grace Muir), fav R McCarthy
    3 Flecthefawna (IRE) (Sarah Clarke) T Lane

    Also: Juicy Lucy (4), 7a, Sea Beach (5), Flo Keen (pu), 7a, Loustic Collonges (FR) (pu), Moonlight Striker (pu), 7a. 8 ran. 3l, 6l, 3l, 25l. 6min 31.0s. SP: 5-2. (Portman).

    1005. Confined, 12st

    1 Balsox (Alzao (USA)) (Kate Buckett) R Bandey
    2 Watership Down (IRE) (Clare Wills), 3x, fav Miss C Wills
    3 Just Lark (Victoria Rickcord), 3x R Bliss

    Also: Glanamana (IRE) (4), Conkers Pride (IRE) (5), Mister Pepper (IRE) (pu), 5x. 6 ran. 11/4l, 12l, 1l, 30l. 6min 23.5s. SP: 9-1. (Hursley Hambledon).

    1006. Restricted, 12st

    1 Brides Legacy (Faustus (USA)) (John Dufosee), v R Bliss
    2 Doneraile’s Choice (IRE) (Kate Buckett) R Bandey
    3 Western Frontier (IRE) (Caroline Keevil) J Snowden

    Also: Pa Pierre (IRE) (4), fav, Emerald Mist (IRE) (5), 7a, Alpine Fugue (IRE) (6), bl. 6 ran. 4l, 2l, 11/2l, 7l, 30l. 6min 29.0s. SP: 9-2. (Blackmore & Sparkford Vale).

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