Vale Of Aylesbury With Garth & South Berks P-to-P

    Kingston Blount, Saturday, 22 April (Good Good to Firm in places)

    1064. Hunt Members, 12st

    1 Mr Snowman (Lightning Dealer) (Alan Hill), 7x James Tudor

    . 1 ran. . . SP: . (Vale of Aylesbury with Garth & S Berks).

    1065. Confined, 12st

    1 Bering Gifts (IRE) (Bering) (Alan Hill), 3x, fav James Tudor
    2 Grecian Star (Jimmy Tarry) J Tarry
    3 Chaucers Miller (Richard Bryan) D I Turner

    Also: Teeton Prince (4), Raise A McGregor (5), Brockton Mist (IRE) (pu), Fiery Jack (pu). 7 ran. 11/2l, 1l, 25l, 11/4fncs. 6min 15.1s. SP: 11-10. (Vale of Aylesbury with Garth & S Berks).

    1066. Open Maiden 456&7yo, 2m4f 12st

    1 Little Miss Flute (Busy Flight) (Tom Illsley), 7a P York
    2 Camisky (Alan Hill), fav James Tudor
    3 Mythical Time (Sam Loggin), 7a J Goss

    Also: If You Must (4), 7a, Frazers Fortune (f), Mr Mogul (pu), North Peak (pu), The Grey Optimist (pu), Travellers Lad (pu), Turfinator (pu). 10 ran. 4l, 30l, 5l. 5min 43.9s. SP: 15-8. (Bicester with Whaddon Chase).

    1067. TVCH Club Members (Nov Rdrs), 12st

    1 Step Quick (IRE) (All Haste (USA)) (Susan Busby) G Wright
    2 Teeton Priceless (Joan Tice), 7a S Jones
    3 Bullfinch (Derek Frankland) R Collinson

    Also: Love At Dawn (4), Celtic Season (5), Nokimover (ur), 7x, fav. 6 ran. 1/2l, 25l, 12l, 1l. 6min 17.3s. SP: 7-1. (Farmers Bloodhounds (Drag)).

    1068. PPORA Club Members, 4m2f110y 12st

    1 Strong Tea (IRE) (Electric) (Sarah Waugh) Miss A Goschen
    2 Star Glow (Ray York), jfav P York
    3 Blasket Sound (IRE) (Marcella Bayliss) D Renney

    Also: Polo Pony (IRE) (4), Eastern Apple (5), 7a, Jurist (6), jfav, Ardmayle (IRE) (pu), Mazamet (USA) (pu), v. 8 ran. 4l, nk, 6l, 4l, 3l. 9min 36.6s. SP: 3-1. (Avon Vale).

    1069. Open Maiden, 12st

    1 Allow Dancer (IRE) (Humbel (USA)) (Phillip York), v P York
    2 Golders Green (Andrew Martin) A Martin
    3 Sir Harry Henbit (Debbie Clarke) R Collinson

    Also: Treacy’s Dot Com (IRE) (4), Bruern (IRE) (pu), fav, Cool Trader (IRE) (pu). 6 ran. 1l, 12l, 25l. 6min 30.7s. SP: 2-1. (Staff College & R.M.A.S. Drag).

    1070. Restricted, 12st

    1 Shady Merlin (IRE) (Shardari) (Phillip York) P York
    2 Lawman (Karen Lawther) R Cope
    3 Sir Lancelot (Lucy Shepherd), fav C Wadland

    Also: Divine Mist (IRE) (4), Mister Kingston (5), bl, Stand On (pu). 6 ran. 10l, 25l, 12l, 10l. 6min 20.6s. SP: 6-1. (Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent).

    Stratford-On-Avon P-to-P

    Sunday, 23 April (Good Good to firm patches)

    1071. totesport 0800 221 221 6yo+, 2m7f 11st10lb

    1 Spring Margot (FR) (Kadalko (FR)) (David Easterby) Tom Greenall
    2 Maximize (IRE) (Darren Edwards) D Edwards
    3 Millenium Way (IRE) (Caroline Taylor) Mrs C Taylor

    Also: Wink And Whisper (4), Springwood White (5), Corkan (IRE) (6), v, Jarod (FR) (7), Gudlage (USA) (ur), ts, Lord Nellerie (FR) (f), Lord Youky (FR) (ur), Mustang Molly (pu), Rhythm King (ur), fav, Royal Snoopy (IRE) (pu), bl, The Granby (IRE) (ur). 14 ran. 1l, 1l, 20l, 28l, 8l, 21/2l. 5min 44.4s. SP: 9-2. (Middleton).

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