Urgent plea for witnesses after savage attack

  • Police investigating the death of a tethered horse earlier this year are making a final appeal for witnesses

    PC Martin Cowen, the police officer investigating the death of a five-year-old stallion in Middlesborough earlier this year, is appealing for anyone with any information to come forward.

    The piebaldcob was attacked while tethered near a footpath close to Metz Bridge Road in Middlesbrough on Wednesday 1 May 2002.

    Police believe the attack took place between 7.30am and 9am. The cob was repeatedly stabbed with a broken glass bottle and suffered extensive injuries to his neck and legs. His injuries were described by PC Cowen as “horrific” and were so severe he had to be put down by a vet.

    The footpath where the attack took place leads to the Riverside Industrial Estate and is well used by people.

    PC Martin Cowen said: “If we are going to proceed to court we need more information.

    “People may have seen something that morning and just not realised how important it could be to thiscase.”

    Anyone with any information should contact PC Cowen (tel: 01642 303167 during office hours or 01642 303126 24hr call centre.)

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