Upminster Riding Club 16 May ’04

  • UPMINSTER RIDING CLUB Orsett Showground 16 May

    RIHS Qualifiers – Riding Horse (J Parker) sml 1, D Monaghan’s Grand Option; 2, J Watts’s Monte Cristo; 3, N J Smith’s Stage Designer. lge 1 & ch, F White’s Spellbound; 2 & res, L Burton Talor’s Dragonfly; 3, J Noble’s Kesra Royal Oliver. Ridden Cob (M Hucker) l’wt 1 & ch, L Russell’s Draco; 2 & res, A Bartolomy’s Rose of Tralee; 3, V McRrae’s Halifa II. h’wt 1, L Russell’s Krypton; 2, A Batolomy’s Mrs Bridges; 3, S Holliday’s Betelgeuse. RIHS Miniature Horse (T Charmers) y’ling 1 & res, P Brightwell’s Birling Dream Catcher; 2, Miss Madison’s Mainestar; 3, D Pallett’s Vjewit Extasy Ellie. 2y-o colts/fillies/geld 1 & ch, P Brightwell’s Birchwood UK Storm Cloud; 2, P Brightwell’s Birchwood UK Fancy Colours; 3, J Hand’s Shadowplay Misty for Me. 3y-o fillies/mares/geld 1, Donabi Neroli Eryl; 2, Donabi Bluebell. 3y-o colts/stallions 1, L Lumlex’s Mighty Magpie. Ridden Arabs (N Faulconbridge) Pure bred 1 & res, M Burr’s Hasleem; 2, D Crowe’s Al Galero; 3, Kerry’s Azuli. nov. pure/anglo/part bred 1, N Winkworth’s Brede Gitano; 2, H Cawley’s Estonia; 3, L Biles’s Fferzan. Cherif 153cms & under 1 & ch, A Miller’s Ashlyngs Kristela May; 2, M Speller’s Cratfield Magic Lantern; 3, N Spensley’s Bourningwood Classic Scholar. Over 153cms 1, R Dear’s Ottoman; 2, H Orr’s Saxen Master Bruno; 3, P Lovell’s Mister Pickwick. Ponies (UK) (M Hutley) Equitation Championship (a) 1, S Browne’s Coedwewydd Angela; 2, G Bourne’s Rivenhall Showgirl; 3, K Browne’s Pheonix Blue Star. (b) 1, R Morrish’s Chinook Discovery; 2, H Pottle’s After Hours; 3, H Glenn’s Glenn Heights. Sir Lancelot 1, E Sheldrick’s Fair Domonic; 2, J Loughton’s Millfields Tristan; 3, M Morley’s Bounds Adiemus. Pollyanna 1, M Morley’s Hindleap Choirboy; 2, K Turpin’s Isley Walton Turquoise; 3, G Bourne’s Rivenhall Showgirl. (J Kilbey) Glyn Greenwood M&M lge 1, M Batchelor’s Shardels Remo; 2, R Boulton’s Owenair; 3, J Riplex’s Woodrow Honey. sml 1, T Gell’s Croniarth Sweet Sensation; 2, S Evans’s Barway Springbok; 3, Micklehill Ariff. Kingswood Ridden M & M lge 1, E Collins’s Brynargoed Tartan; 2, C Collier’s Fort Lisa; 3, E Ravenscroft’s Chicnoir Rascal. sml 1, L Clarke’s Iborroden Comet; 2, J Mair’s Redlays Witch Hazel; 3, V Evans’s Barkway Sprinbok. Lobster Pot M & M Lead Rein 1, J Hammond’s Thorncliffe Ruby; 2, C Lloyd-Barlow’s Bengad Bur Orchid; 3, O Butyon-Taylor’s Trellogh Maiden Flight. Brineton M & M First Ridden 1, E Lucas’s Moortowne Huntsman; 2, C Lloyd-Barlow’s Rose Isly Tudyr Minstrel; 3, P Dewar’s Wharley Poppy. Travel Extras Dalkeith Junior M & M lge 1, E Ravenscroft’s Chicnoir Rascal; 2, E Stevenson’s Dartdale Bobby II. sml 1, M Morley’s Bounds Adlemus; 2, E Lucas’s Moretown Huntsman; 3, S Rigden’s Rose Isle Elwyn. (T Charmers) Kempley Ridden Cob 1, N Graylen’s Kallanrney; 2, S Darby’s Moonlight Shadow; 3, C Grimes’s Irish Dream V. Cedarwood Ridden Pony 1, J Laughton’s Millfields Tristan; 2, L Bowner’s Majic Marker; 3, Spensley’s Bourningwood Classic Scholar. Cedarwood Ridden Horse 1, G Claughton’s Larchbrook Flowing Free; 2, A Cennell’s Crusading; 3, H Orr’s Saxen Master Bruno. Hunters (M Hucker) novice 1 & res J O’Brien’s Thomas; 2, D V McRae’s Beryl; 3, H Pottle’s After Hours. open 1 & ch, J Hallett’s VIP; 2, G Moull’s Legauns Boy; 3, S Bradford’s Blue Heaven II. Riding Horse (J Parker-Bloss) nov sml 1 & ch, J Webber’s Sailor True; 2, P Taylor’s Paschal Lincoln; 3, A Collins’s Geatano Du Paon. lge 1 & res, S Holliday’s Tiger Balm; 2, J Byrd’s Glentons Andante; 3, L Warwick’s Meepswood Amadaus. Open 1, P Lovell’s Mister Perkins. In Hand Paints, spots etc (D Aylmer-Aylmore) 1, J Johansson-Massey’s Cozi Van Tutti; 2, M Fahy’s Colemans Patsy Palmer. 3, I Pepper’s Spot Check. In Hand Veterans 1, C Lazell’s Ballingaddy Boy; 2, D Salmon’s Apollon; 3, D Waggett’s Duke of Wellington. Open Ridden Paints, spot etc 1, J Defago’s Thomas Pink; 2, L Boyd’s Allsorts; 3, V Evans’s Galaxy Capricorn. New Pathways Ridden Veterans 1, C Lazell’s Ballingaddy Boy; 2, J Defago’s Thomas Pink; 3, D Waggett’s Duke of Wellington. (Youngstock (D Aylmer- Aylmore) y’ling 1 & ch, R Birch’s Trelawn Cococabana; 2, B Kaylor’s Brendon Hills Liberty; 3, S Beesley’s Loch Dane. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, Mrs Kidd’s Top Totti; 2, V Rumble’s Gardamin; 3, L Mercer’s Oenoke La De Da. Pony Ring (L Spencer) Leading Rein 1, O Fuller’s Churton Croft Nathan; 2, B D’Agati’s Bracon Moon Fairy; 3, J Hammond’s Thornecliffe Ruby. Young Handlers 1, M D’Agati’s Cromer Corinda; 2, J Pigg’s Seaview Haze; 3, A Barrett’s Scarcliffe Anastasia. Ridden Hunter Pony 1, C Loomes’s Rustic Knight’s Charm; 2, G Day’s Sonny; 3, E Pullen’s Charlotte Bronte. Best Conditioned Pony 1, L Wartnaby’s Firle Molly; 2, G Day’s Mizen Mist; 3, H Spence’s Tinkerbell’s Treasure. First Ridden 1, O Fuller’s Churton Croft Nathan; 2, L Gay’s Ready Eddy Go; 3, M D’Agati’s Cromer Corinda. Novice Riding 1, K Turpin’s Isley Walton Turquoise; 2, C Loomes’s Rustic Knight’s Charm; 3, N Walter’s Ridings Atomic Flame.

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