Tracker dogs help in search for schoolgirls

  • The search for missing schoolgirls continues as Cambridgeshire Constabulary calls in tracker dogs

    The hunt for the two missing schoolgirls intensified today as Cambridgeshire Constabularybrought in dogs from the Dyfed-Powys police.

    Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells, both aged 10, were last seen on Sunday (4 August) at around 8.30pm. The pair from Soham in Cambridgeshire are believed to have left a family barbecue to buy sweets and failed to come home.

    Since their disappearance, one witness claims to have seen the girls, dressed in their identical red Manchester United shirts, walking along the A10 in the direction of Cambridge.

    Dog handler PC Mark Jenkins and his Bloodhound Morgan, accompanied by a German Shepherd, are helping Cambridgeshire Police in their full-scale search.

    A police spokesperson from Cambridgeshire said: “Dyfed-Powys police offered us the use of two of their tracker dogs, a Bloodhound and a German Shepherd which were gratefully received.

    “They were used yesterday and will continue helping with the search today.”According to reports, Morgan was given a piece of clothing belonging to each girl to sniff before being taken to the last place the girls were seen.

    Bloodhounds are renowned for their tracking abilities which is a natural instinct and are able to follow scents over considerable distances.

    Charles Hardy, a Bloodhound owner and show producer said: “First and foremost Bloodhounds are a very gentle breed, but their tracking abilities are second to none.”

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