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Dee Kennedy’s blog: packed and ready

Dee reports on her final preparations for Badminton

Dee Kennedy’s blog: a week of very mixed emotions

Dee is looking forward to Badminton, but was rocked by the news of Ian Olding’s death at Belton

Charlotte Platt: being bucked off and first 2009 foal

Charlotte’s young horse are feeling a little too fit and well at the moment and she is excited about the arrival of their first foal of 2009

Charlie Hutton: Addington international

Charlie’s horses show the reverse of their expected form at Addington international

Dee Kennedy: what to wear at the Badminton trot-up?

Big El continues to work well, while Dee Kennedy considers her footwear for the trot-up

Charlie Hutton: Winter dressage champs

Charlie was pleased with how his horses went at the winter dressage championships at Hartpury

Dee Kennedy: Good day at Burnham Market

Badminton Horse Trials entrant Dee Kennedy is impressed with Big El in the three-star at Burnham Market

Dee Kennedy: first advanced run of 2009

Dee Kennedy and Big El tackle the advanced course at Weston Park as part of their Badminton preparation

Charlotte Platt: Back to reality

Charlotte is back from Italy and enjoying the spring sunshine at home

Charlie Hutton: Training and fabulous physio

It’s been a busy week for Charlie with two days of World Class training and two days competing

Dee Kennedy: We are in at Badminton!

The waiting is over… entries have closed for Badminton and to our delight, Big El (“Eliot”) and I are in!

Charlotte Platt: hello from sunny Tuscany

I’m writing my first blog from sunny Tuscany, in Italy. I am here for three weeks on the Toscana tour. The horses are jumping well, although all the courses are 5cm bigger than it says in the schedule…

Dee Kennedy: Big El does his first event

Big El was a true pleasure around the cross-country. He is so easy and he reminded me why I love him after the other two phases…

Charlie Hutton: feeling a bit below par

I was fine on Monday, but then Tuesday night I threw up about five times and was sick for the next two days…

Dee Kennedy: youngsters’ first event

Friday was our first eventing outing of the year — the BE100 at Stafford — and it didn’t go entirely without problems…

Charlie Hutton: a new challenge

This week eventer Lucy Wiegersma brought one of her advanced horses, Porloe Alvin, to Talland for me to ride for three weeks…

Dee Kennedy: Big El is on track

On Thursday Big El had his first “away from home canter” and this was a really great sweetener as he loved it and worked very well. He went beautifully on the flat the next day, making me think I should canter him more often…

Charlie Hutton: success at Burrows Court

I went out competing on Thursday at Burrows Court, not far from us in Gloucestershire. I took my sister Pippa’s ride, Belmondo, as well as my own home-bred mare Amo…

Dee Kennedy: plans for the eventing season

Hi, I’m Dee Kennedy and I’ll be writing every week in the build-up to Badminton. I thought this week I would start my blog by introducing myself and telling you a bit about my eventing career so far…

Charlie Hutton: Life at Talland

Welcome to my first weekly blog for Horse&Hound. I thought I’d start by letting you know a little about my day-to-day life. I’m generally on the yard at my family’s Talland School of Equitation in Gloucestershire by half seven, and try to get 8 horses ridden by half one…

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