Three synthetic saddles in one

  • Thorowgood’s new Griffin Selecta saddle promises to be three synthetic saddles in one

    Not all riders can afford to buy separate saddles for each discipline, but, as most of us have experienced, jumping in a dressage saddle or schooling on the flat in a forward cut saddle can make life more difficult for horse and rider.

    To try and solve this problem, at a price which most horse owners can afford, Thorowgood has introduced its Griffin Selecta, which can be fitted with different knee rolls depending on the type of riding you’re planning to do that day.

    The Griffin Selecta has been produced in association with Albion saddlemakers, who originally developed the ‘Selecta’ concept. It has three interchangeable knee rolls for jumping, general riding and dressage.

    The pads are secured with two brass studs and strong Velcro fastenings. Once in position, the knee rolls fit closeto the saddle giving the appearance of a conventional synthetic saddle.

    Each of the knee rolls change the shape of the saddle flap and have support blocks to help the rider maintain the correct leg position for that discipline.

    The saddle is designed with a medium deep seat to help the rider sit in a balanced manner, whether riding at dressage length or with shorter stirrups for jumping.

    The saddle in available in black or brown, medium and wide fit in 17″, 17.5″and 18″ seat sizes.

    Prices start at around £350 including all three interchangeable knee rolls.

    For more information visit www.thorowgood.com or contact (tel: 01922 711676).

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