Three Counties Show 17-19 August

THREE COUNTIES SUMMER Malvern, Worcs 17-19 August

hunter, amateur. (J Keen, R Warden) 1, W & E Gibson’s Shelford Rupert; 2, L Thomas’s Moss Trooper; 3, S Hooper’s Gold Blend. l’wt. 1, Jethro Enterprises’s Meynell Tumbler; 2,Mrs Parrish’s Wily Fox; 3, Mr & Mrs A Hall’s Cool Bawn. m’wt. 1 & res, J Dunlop’s Man Of Honour; 2, S Gallagher’s Out Of Sight; 3, W & E Gibson’s Newsflash. h’wt. 1 & ch, A Newell’s Otter Point; 2, A Day’s The Corker; 3, Jethro Enterprises’s Beach Bay. 4yo. (Richard Mills, A Nuttall) 1, Jethro Enterprise’s The Fieldmaster; 2, Dalcotes Stud’s Parkmore Coleen; 3, Mr & Mrs A Lee’s Paddy’s Pride. novice. 1, Mrs Hunton’s Minton; 2, Newsflash; 3, J Snedker’s D’Artagnon. small. 1, Mrs Cutts’s Astaire II; 2, F Guillambert’s Starman; 3, Mrs Southern’s Queen’s Law. ladies. (Mrs G Mainwaring) 1, Shelford Rupert; 2, J Cooper’s William VI; 3, Moss Trooper. working hunter. (N Wakley, Mrs M Thomas) 1, Out Of Sight; 2, Glen Heather; 3, Mrs Hampton’s Camelots Pride. private driving, 13.2hh. (Mrs E Hart) 1 & res, A Staniland’s Starlyte Little Trojan; 2, Mr & Mrs Crosier’s Joyton Golden Dream; 3, Mr & Mrs C Powell’s Maenan Cayo & Maenan Raider. exc 13.2hh.1 & ch, Dr B Lewis’s Twilight II; 2, R Hutchinson’s Bishwell Pioneer; 3, A Hamilton Rhodes’s Nubbis Ash. concours d’elegance. (Mrs E Halls) Joyton Golden Dream; res, Nubbis Ash. side-saddle equit. (Mrs G Sears) 1, E Rogers’s Blue Button; 2, Mrs Marsden’s My Lovely; 3, H Hogarth’s Mr Grimsdale. Welsh Mountain sec A. (M Daley) b’mare, nov. 1, Miss Sanders’s Forlan Huney Bun. do, open. 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs R Owens & S Morris’s Friars Lleucu Llwyd; 2, E & C Evans’s Crumpwell Caroline; 3, H Hopkinson’s Tollgate Willow Pattern. foal. 1, E & C Evans’s Crumpwell Carys; 2, Miss Sander’s Melvors Hyatti; 3, Mr & Mrs R Owens & S Morris. barren mare/gelding. 1, Miss Waller’s Idyllic Tosca; 2, D Buckley’s Llanerch Drift; 3, S& M Coulthard’s Waitwith Jo. y’ling colt. 1, K Sheil’s Dukes Hill Dotcom; 2, Mrs Head’s Forlan High Tide. do, filly. 1, J Russell’s Cartconnel Caper Cailie; 2, Mr & Mrs R Mills’s Rookery Rag Doll; 3, Ms Curry’s Pontlls Ffion. 2/3-y-o filly/gelding. 1, Mr & Mrs R Owens & S Morris’s Friars Golden Wedding; 2, M Oldfield’s Siva Satin; 3, W Lewis’s Rhyd-y-Felin Saros. do, colt. 1, Mrs Higgins’s Pinewell Harlequin; 2, Mrs Fuller’s Shacklebridge Street Warrior. stallion. 1 & res, J Russell’s Cartconnel Snapdragon; 2, K Sheil’s Dukes Hill Magnum; 3, S & D Williams’s Galehog Mabon. Welsh sec B, b’mare. (Mrs J Wainwright) 1, F Leadbitter’s Thornberry Morwenna; 2, P Wilding-Davies’s Seaholm Dream; 3, R Hutchinson’s Colbeach China Doll. foal. 1, Mr & Mrs Tamplin; 2, P Wilding-Davies’s Fayre Dorinda; 3, F Leadbitter’s Thornberry Eleri. y’ling colt/gelding. 1, Mr Symon’s Llangeitho Valentino; 2, Mr Young’s Mathon Penny Brown. do, filly. 1, Mr & Mrs T Fillingham’s Stockham Honey; 2, L Davis’s Llanarth Meriment; 3, D James’s Kerandi Sweet Coral. 2/3yo filly/gelding. 1 & res, Mr & Mrs T Fillingham’s Stockham Contessa; 2, Mrs Wilson’s Paddock Penny Royal; 3, Mr & Mrs Tamplin’s Duntarvie Titania. do, colt. 1, H Nelmes’s Stoak Moonraker. stallion. 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs L Bigley’s Douthwaite Signwriter; 2, Mr & Mrs Tamplin’s Griashall Kiwi. ridden A/B. 1, J Newbery’s Lemonshill Peter Piper; 2, Mr & Mrs Sharp’s Islyn Annwylyd; 3, Mrs Padfield’s Trewithian Kelpie. Welsh sec C, b’mare. (Mrs W Burt) 1 & ch, Mr Groucott’s Hafodyrynys Cariad; 2, Mr & Mrs G Oakey’s Tynwydd Dyges Wawr. foal. 1, Mr Groucott; 2, Mr & Mrs G Oakey’s Tinvaal General Gordon. y’st. 1 & res, C Willis-Burton’s Pentrefelin Charisma; 2, Mr & Mrs Jordan’s Abercippyn Flashjack; 3, D Buckley’s Hardy’s Sonnet. stallion. 1, Mr & Mrs Palmer’s D’Abernon Replica; 2, N Fisher’s Ross Gelert’s Super Star. Welsh cob sec D, barren mare/gelding. 1, K Hall’s Foxglen Brenhines; 2, Mr Bennett’s Trevellion Flo Jo; 3, Mrs Smith’s Nerquis Beti. b’mare. 1, Buckland & Beaven Jones’s Powysvalley Tanya’s Pride; 2, Cuming’s Broughton Rosie Jones; 3, D Buckley’s Thorneyside Flyers Charm. foal. 1, D Buckley’s Haniel Lara Croft; 2, Buckland & Beaven-Jones’s Maxwillandra Flying Angel; 3, J Cuming. y’ling. 1, J Llewellyn James’s Avonvalley Cardiff Arms; 2, Mr Merrick’s Bryn Ithon The Gigalo; 3, Mr & Mrs Parry’s Dyffrynceirog Harri. 2/3yo filly/gelding. 1, C Willis-Burton’s Pentrefelin Amber; 2, Ms Ernsting’s Brynithon Sea Breeze; 3, R Hunt’s Penn Amber. do, colt. 1 & ch, J Llewellyn James’s Avonvalley Union Jack; 2 & res, Wotfield Stud’s Wotfield Quickstep; 3, K Hall’s Penstrumbly Sax-Mad Johnny. ridden C/D. 1, Miss Wheatcroft’s Sydenham Elderberry; 2, L Allen’s Ashow Brenin; 3, Mrs Padfield’s Coedllys Medwyn. Dartmoor, mare. (Mrs D Douglas-Pennant) 1 & res, J Jordan’s Moortown Heron; 2, E Newbolt-Young’s Shilstone Rocks Masorah; 3, J Newbery’s Jurstone Parke Eliza. foal. 1, J Jordan. 2/3-y-o filly/gelding. 1, E Newbolt-Young’s Shilstone Rocks Hazy Day; 2, J Jordan’s Moortown Summer Bay; 3, Russell & Garnett’s High Veld Malvolio. y’ling.1 & 2, E Newbolt-Young’s Shilstone Rocks Snowgoose & Shilstone Rocks Bitter Sweet; 3, Mr Howarth-Podesta’s Trefursdon Black-A-Ven Dip. stallion. 1 & ch, J Jordan’s Hisley Craftsman; 2, Garnett & Russell’s Gramblin Caliban. hack breeding, b’mare, small. (Mrs J Wakley) 1 & res, R Sheridan & J Williams’s Dolphin Sylyhide; 2, A Horn & T Price’s Chance Encounter; 3, Mrs Upton’s Weirton Dauphine. foal. 1, R Sheridan & J Williams’s Dolphin Superiority; 2, Bedford & Harding; 3, A Horn & TPrice. b’mare, large. 1, Mrs Jackson’s Young Devon Lock; 2, Mrs Bourne’s Shortwood Late Easter. y’ling. 1, Mrs MacKenzie’s Maid For Me; 2, MsKirby’s Tinuvial Spirit. 2/3-y-o, small. 1, L Alexandroff’s ApresNous. do, large. 1 & ch, A Roper-Caldbeck’s Holtess Gigalo; 2, JCarter’s Nectarine; 3, Mrs MacKenzie’s Maid To Measure. spotted ponies,jnr. (L Bigley) 1 & res & 3, J Cullingford’s Halstock Corn &Glenfall Carousel; 2, B Taylor’s Broomells Desert Mirage.snr. 1& ch, Ms Benn’s Tanizivan Tradewinds; 2, J Cullingford’s GlenfallTintagel’s Legend; 3, B Taylor’s Broomells Pierette. Exmoor, snr. (DThomas): 1 & res, Williams & Nash’s Waltersgay Rocketrose; 2, Mr & MrsWoodward’s Dunkery Nightingale. jnr. 1 & ch, J Webb’s BlackthornSea Poacher; 2, Mrs Whitmore-Davies’s Knighton Combe Flam Brocade; 3, SPoulter’s Flying Buttress. NatWest double harness scurry, 122cm. (CWalker): 1 & 2, Williams & Scott’s Peaches & Cream & Trial & Error;3, P Litchfield’s Cassie & Caesar. exc 122cm. 1, S Mawer’s Touch& Whistle; 2, Williams & Scott’s Moonrise & Sunset; 3, K Scott’s Freddie &Joey. final. Touch & Whistle; 2, Freddie & Joey; 3, R Lighwood’sSong & Dance. hunter breeding, small b’mare. (Mrs J Hunter Blair)1 & res, J Crumpler’s Miss Fern II; 2, Mrs Smith’s Jessica’s Surprise;3, Mrs Varmen’s Galatea. foal. 1, A Nation; 2, Mrs Varman’s GodsGift; 3, J Crumpler. do, l’wt. 1, b’marech & res sup, C Uphams’sEves Wish; 2, B Cole’s Royal Eclipse; 3, V Scouller’s Aintree Oats.foal. 1, Mrs Scott’s Pen-Y-Gent; 2, C Upham’s Paisley Park; 3, BCole’s Prionsa Padraig. do, h’wt. 1, Mr & Mrs Atkinsons’s TwiceAs Nice; 2,Dalcotes Stud’s Touch Of Pride; 3, V Scouller’s Liberty Belle.foal. 1, Dalcotes Stud’s Dalcotes Jaeger; 2, Mr & Mrs Atkinson’sTwilight; 3, Wyatt & Darbyshire’s Ducal Royal Ruby. y’ling, filly. (Ms HKnight): 1 & y’st res, J Dunlop’sGolden Virginia; 2, Wyatt &Darbyshire’s Ducal Miss Primula; 3, Dalcotes Stud’s Dalcotes, colt/gelding. 1, Dalcotes Stud’s Dalcotes Manton; 2, MrCollins’s Kinkaid; 3, V Scouller’s Aidos. 2-y-o filly. 1, A Vos’sMountain Firefly; 2, J Dunlop’s Sister Rose; 3, S Hale’s Shady, gelding. 1, y’st ch & sup ch, A Vos’s Fisherman’s Croft; 2, NBrown’s Sunset Trends; 3, Grieveson & Southern’s Bright Animation. 3yofilly. 1, D Kellow’s Dancing Debonaire; 2, Mrs Hathersich Jones’sFritz Amelia; 3, J Dunlop’s Little Alice. do, gelding. 1, A Vos’sMountain Spring; 2, Jethro Enterprises Ltd’s Seabourne Starlight; 3, MrsBradley’s Big John. Shire horse, gelding. (R Callwood) 1 & 2, GHolmes’s George & Captain. jnr. 1 & ch, Billings & Son’sTon-Y-Felin Meriel; 2 & res, Ms Smith’s Holmefield Diane. heavy horse turnout: single. 1, Daniel Thwaites Brewery’s Classic; 2, George.pair. 1 & ch, Daniel Thwaites Brewery’s Royal & Classic; 2,Carlsberg Tetley; 3, George & Captain. Irish Draught, b’mare. (MFitton) 1 & ch, R Jennings’s Avanti Racey Gracie; 2, Wyatt &Darbyshire’s Ducal Diamonds Are Forever; 3, G List’s Lowood Pink Lady.foal. 1, RJennings’s Amorous Archie; 2, Miss Matthews’s MeirosDionysus; 3, Dalcotes Stud’s Dalcotes Jaeger. y’ling. 1, MRiley’s Ixla; 2, Miss Smith’s Dosley Dancer. 2/3yo. 1, RJennings’s Avanit Gregarious Gloria; 2, L Martin’s Elmhurst Lady Henrietta;3, Miss Bishop’s Wickhams Ivan. sport horse, y’ling. 1, DalcotesStud’s Dalcotes Manton; 2, Mr Collins’s Kinkaid; 3, R Jennings’s AvantiVivacious Veronica. 2/3yo. 1 & res, Mr Phillips’s Wot-A-Dance;2, M Riley’s Chasquis; 3, Grieveson & Southern’s Bright Animation.ridden. 1, Mr & Mrs Evans’s Abbotts Cygnus; 2, Ms Cherry’s Moses;3, Mr & Mrs Rudd’s Ladys Castle Moyle. do, sport horse. 1, MrAdsetts’s Ivanhoe; 2, S Hooper’s Glen Heather; 3, B Cole’s Prince Buster.hack, small. (Mrs R King) 1 & res, K Spencer’s Lord Of TheDance; 2, A Seely’s Rosedale Miss Dior. large. 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs JKeen’s Marquis Of Queensbury; 2, L Stanley’s Contradition; 3, A Seely’sRosedale Distinction. cob, l’wt. (Miss N Hall): 1 & res, HHyde-Andrews’s Gay Gordon; 2, C Bardo’s Dandini III; 3, Mrs Wilson’s MoonCoyne. h’wt. 1 & ch, R Walker’s Boy George; 2,S Wright’s MrSmith; 3, A Day’s Denzil. amateur. 1, Moon Coyne; 2, Mr Kennedy’s Bombardier; 3, Mr Phillips’s Goldburg. show pony, 128cm. (Mrs K Pole) 1, S Cuddy’s Wingland Raindance; 2, J Newbery’s Holtess Sugar Tot; 3, Team Jago’s Sedgelands Love Ballad. 138cm. 1, Mrs Dixon’s Warrendene Twilight Rose; 2, Mrs Strang’s Radway Flashdance; 3, Mr Ahern’s Haighend Special Edition. 148cm. 1 & ch, L Robertson’s Groveside Bell Boy; 2 & res, Mrs Bond’s Sedgelands Riverdance; 3, Mrs Dixon’s Perryditch Touch Above. int SRT. (D Lloyd-Thomas) 1, S Edwards’s Little Miss Tittle Tattle; 2, Mr & Mrs M Hounsom’s Copybush Quiznight; 3, Allison Show Team’s Comberton Little Owl. FR 1, Mrs Masserella’s Rillaton Right Royal; 2, A Smiths’s Barkway Honey Bee; 3, B Barr’s Twylands Poetry. LR 1, D Thomas’sChinook Eclipse; 2, K Brar’s Haighend Dreams Royale; 3, J Templeton’s Barkway Tip Toes. Appaloosa, snr. (Mrs B Ashby-Jones) 1 & res, Y Du Laney-Brown’s Bergerac; 2, J Shakespeare’s Flaebe; 3, A Heath’s Myriad Tribal Dance. jnr. 1 & ch, Y Du Laney-Brown’s Pinot Noir; 2, Mrs Duke’s Dukes Touch Of Fun; 3, C Chappell’s Centure Naomi. ridden. 1, C Chappell’s Chappalow Misty Moon; 2, Flaebe; 3, Myriad Tribal Dance. riding horse, small. (T Wiggett) 1 & res, S Cowley’s Ivy’s Dream; 2, Mrs Joyce’s GreatExpectations; 3, S Rankin’s Just The Ticket. large. 1 & ch, Mr &Mrs G Barlow’s Old King Cole; 2, V Scouller’s Greenhorn; 3, S Reed’s King’sMiller. British Morgan Horse, yst. (Ms P Asbach) 1 & in-hand ch,C Guggenheim’s Treble’s Entitled; 2, D & J Baker’s Sealmaster By Design; 3,P Mackenzie’s Cariad Courageous Lady. gelding. 1, G Critchlow’sChestfield Caracara; 2, G Jones’s Landside Mi’Lord O’f H Flies; 3, JSmart’s Monnington Tallis. stallion. 1 & res, G Critchlow’sAlwyn’s Chain Reaction; 2, Mr & Mrs Hepworth’s Monnington Herrick.harness. 1 & 2, D & J Baker’s Thankyou Ovation & WaveneyCabaletta. ridden, road hack. 1, Mrs Jones Williams’s LandsideMinuet; 2, Landside Mi’Lord O’f H Flies. do, pleasure/park. 1 &perf ch, Thankyou Ovation; 2 & res, Waveney Cabaletta; 3, Landside Minuet.The Burge Salmon Sport Horse challenge final. (Ronnie Mills) 1,D Eggleton’s Thomas Town; 2, B Harrison’s Malleston Romeo; 3, MsPearlstine’s Belair Prince. do, 2002 qual. (J Chugg) 1, MissEast’s Pembroke Special Edition; 2, Mrs Kingston’s Stoney Mile; 3, Sir PForwood’s Ted. SHP, 122cm. (Mrs E Murfitt) 1, D Thomas’sStarlyte Hob Nob; 2, J Templeton’s The Chocolate Button; 3, B Barr’s FayreCalypso. 133cm 1 & res, B Barr’s Cot Summer Dream; 2, GThompson’s Willowbay Whisper; 3, Miss North’s Rosevale Tom Thumb. 143cm. 1, A Fry’s Syon Supercat; 2, K Findlow’s Sion St Daniel; 3, CWelby’s Sion Brian. 153cm. 1 & ch, V Fowler’s Step Aside; 2, MissChadwick’s Caigers Golden Flute; 3, D Christie’s Elgon Albany. WHP,NS (E Worthington, A Arkell) 1, Mrs Scholfield’s KirkhillRememberance; 2, Mr Browning’s Box Of Tricks; 3,B Barr’s LangfieldCacharel. 133cm. 1 & ch, J Owen’s Golden Grove Foxtrot; 2,Kirkhill Rememberance. 143cm. 1 & res, Mr & Mrs B White’s MurphyDunnit; 2, Mrs Fudge’s Scolton Roscoe; 3, Mrs Bracey’s Warleigh Serenade.153cm. 1, SBlacker’s Norris Castle Roselight; 2, V Fowler’sMaster Of The House; 3, Mrs Fudge’s Greystone Fox. Arab, mare. (Mrs MArrowsmith-Brown) 1, Miss Antoniades’s Brede Bellissma; 2, MsWigglesworth’s Nazricia; 3, E Booton’s Shah Flame. y’st. 1 & res& 2, J Scadamore’s Kamilla Crysta & Seahara Gem; 3, Mr Booton’s Gayhaniehs Star. 2/3yo colt/gelding. 1, Miss Morris’s Silver Highwayman. gelding. 1 & ch, Mr Davies’s HT Fayid; 2, Mrs Trumper’s Ortanique; 3, Mrs McLaughlan’s Klasique. stallion. 1 & 2, Mrs Bint’s Ibn Benedict & Distinkt. Anglo/part-bred Arab, y’ling. (Mrs CRowell) 1 & ch, J Salmon’s Henley Down Picturesque; 2, Hon JGuinness’s Dandelion; 3, Mrs Robinson-Brown’s Deanhills Silhouette.2/3yo, small. 1, S Roberts’s Royalviews Last Symphony; 2, MSelby’s Archwood Animation; 3, Mr & Mrs R Sampson’s Trelawn Samsara. do, large. 1 & res, L Alexandroff’s Apres Nous; 2, Miss Newstead’sOkehayes Sunset Boulevard; 3, J Pouch’s Pau Jacq Flight Of Fancy. ridden Arab, pure-bred. (R Mills) 1, D Ash’s Jammilah; 2, Mrs Trumper’s Ortanique; 3, Miss Antoniades’s Brede Bellissma. do, Anglo/part-bred. 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs J Payne’s Whinchat’s Flight Of Fancy; 2 & res, J Newbery’s Hindwood Taffeta; 3, M Waring’s Colbeach Seville. M&M WHP 122cm. (Ms N Stephens, Mrs J Bryer) G Morgan’s Pentyrch Orange Pip; 2, J Phillips & P Ryder’s Shilstone Rocks Titan; 3, B Barr’s Stambrook Firefighter. 138cm. 1, P Collier’s Trewithian Bequine; 2 & res, J Naughtons’s Farriers Full Cry; 3, J Owen’s Penucha Carrerse Boy. exc 138cm. 1 & ch, S Smith’s Musketeer; 2, O Toole’s Sydserff Finnian; 3, Stokes & Thomas’s Brockenhurst Bay Mischief. ridden M&M: Dartmoor/Exmoor/Shetland/Welsh section A. (Mrs J Little) 1, Mr & Mrs Mitchener’s Denburydown Democraft; 2, E House’s Pincombe Pagen; 3,Williams & Nash’s Waltersgay Grasshopper. Welsh B/C. 1 & res, AAbrahall’s Wyken Llwynella; 2, Horsequest UK’s Rotherwood Spycatcher; 3, CSmalley’s Wortley Wild Jasmin. New Forest/Connemara. 1, ch &Olympia qual, M Bryant’s Wayland Cranberry; 2, J Naughton’s Farriers FullCry; 3, Mrs Wilson’s Ashfield Black Jack. Fell/Highland/Dales. 1,J & S Munn’s WhitefieldKing Billy; 2, Cowdrey & Westwood’s Castle HillPolly III; 3, K Harris’s Dartdale Grey Bobbie II. Welsh D. 1, MrDavies’s Trofarth Sion; 2, Mrs McAuliffe’s Hewid Arthur; 3, H Wight’sHendal Hunky Dory. M&M FR (Mrs A Berryman Horne) 1 &res, J Templeton’s Elkens Fifer; 2, G Homfray-Jones’s Rose Isle Piccolo; 3,A Burchell-Small’s Rowfantina Prize Scamp. do, LR 1 & ch,C Willett’s Idyllic Nureyev; 2, Miss Jackson’s Bryndefaid Waxwing Herald;3, Mr & Mrs P Rushton’s Sunrising Frisky. RP breeding, b’mare128cm. (Miss R Philipson-Stow) 1, Mr & Mrs R Sampson’s GreenlinksSophia; 2, A Smalley’s Spinningdale Birthday Parade; 3, M Pickles’sCrabfield Finlandia Tendulkar. foal. 1, M Pickles’s CrabfieldPeark Genome; 2, A Smalley’s Barkway Birthday Surprise; 3, Mr & Mrs RSampson’s Broadhurst Miss Muffett. 138cm. 1 & res, S Roberts’sThornsett Miss Dior Ella. foal. 1, S Roberts’s Royalviews ToyBoy. 148cm. 1, mare ch & sup ch, A Eccles & C Sandison’s ChiddockPoppy; 2, A Pritchard-Simmons’s Griashall Mystic Megan. foal. 1,A Eccles & C Sandison’s Bankswood Scandel; 2, A Pritchard-Simmons’s CupidCrown Royale. y’ling filly, 121cm. 1, J Laffey’s DenhillsTequila; 2, Mrs Robinson-Brown’s Rotherwood Dream-A-Long; 3, Mrs Clemett’s Hollybush Happy Birthday. do, colt/gelding. 1, P Gilfilan’sGrindles Question Master. y’ling filly, 131cm. 1, A Eccles & CSandison’s Bankswood Camelia; 2, Mr & Mrs R Ress’s Small-Land Day Break; 3, Mrs Robinson-Brown’s Deanhills Silhouette. do, colt/gelding. 1, SArrowsmith & J Vowles’s Pendley Star Performer. y’ling filly, 141cm.1, y’st ch & res sup, P Byrd’s Comberton Charisma. do, colt/gelding. 1,Mr & Mrs Smith’s Fenwick Jazz Singer; 2, A Pritchard-Simmons’s Cupidhill Countryman. 2/3yo, 126cm. 1, H Barton’s West LeakeEsquire; 2, Lady Gilbey’s Beckside Gold Dust; 3, Mrs Clemett’s HollybushCoppellia. do, 136cm. 1 & res y’st, V Toulson’s Wynnmere MillyMolly Mandy; 2, Mr & Mrs L Bigley’s Llanarth Catmit; 3, unknown.Connemara. (Miss B Miller) 1, V Compton’s Castle Comet; 2,Joynes & Newman’s Sunnylands Village Martin; 3, B Hall’s Kindesella PearlsStar. Shetland, b’mare. (V Rees) 1 & res, Barugh family’sFlendale Victoria; 2, M Arden’s Claylands Crystal; 3, Mr & Mrs S Cozens’sWillonby Wild Black Anna. foal. 1, Mr & Mrs S Cozens’s StepleyAnnette; 2, M Arden’s Claylands Gorsty Little Fran; 3, T Sapak’s LathomJantara. stallion. 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs S Cozens’s Stepley Oscar; 2,Crafton Stud’s Dewland Rembrandt; 3, Barugh family’s Birchmoor Amadeus.y’st. 1, B Gammond’s Gammon Caramel; 2, M Arden’s Claylands Lady Jeannette; 3, Mr Sarson’s Kington Primrose. Haflinger, ridden. (Mrs H Samuels) 1 & ch, J Critchlow’s Coombe Wood Strahl; 2, S Walters’sMosscarr Emma; 3, C Heady’s Gilda. male. 1 & res, J Critchlow’sOxnead Anthem; 2, J Critchlow’s Mosscarr Steeeleye; 3, D Riley’s RowantreeAsh. female. 1, A Mogridge’s Fiona; 2, H Blair’s WrekinGoldfinch; 3, Gilda. Palomino, y’ling/2-y-o. (Mrs E Bedford) 1 &ch, Keen & Griffiths’s Jacala Morning Gold; 2 & res, Q Jones’s LouriaseShanay; 3, Watkins & Bowman’s Arkinska Showgirl. mare/gelding. 1, S Cousin’s Krysto Easter Surprise; 2, Mrs Edwards’s Shulay Silver n’Gold;3, A Mogridge’s Fiona. stallion. 1, P Thornhill’s Zyda DancingTramia; 2, S Stowe’s Colebridge Luminous. ridden. 1, C Guise’sSandhills Amber Moon; 2, D May’s Moonshine State Emblem; 3, Mr Toole’sWindwillow Busy Bee. Donkey, mare. (W Smale): 1, A Scales’sPeppercorn Millificent; 2, Mrs Fooks’s Westra Giselle; 3, McLaren &Chilton’s Island Farm Diana. male. 1 & ch, Mrs Fooks’s WestraProud Lawson; 2 & res & 3, Mclaren & Chilton’s Island Farm Black Shadow &Island Farm Gerald. Skewbald/Piebald, y’st. (Mrs A Hawkins): 1 &res, K Pritchard’s Brynteg Dilly; 2, B Robbins’s Ladybird; 3, MissHopkins’s Poppi Longstocking. snr. 1 & ch, J Thompson’s Sub ZeroThyme; 2, J Cullingford’s Arosfa Deg William; 3, J Cullingford’s GlenfallTiger Moon. ridden. 1, Williams & Nash’s Maytime Challenge; 2,Mrs Pajak’s Ffwyl Harlequin; 3, Mr Brickell’s The Pimpernel. New Forest,stallion/colt. (J Seymour) 1 & ch, M Bryant’s Wayland Cranberry; 2,Stoke & Thomas’s Shatterford Masterpiece. mare. 1, A Nicholls’sWilloway Vogue; 2, Mrs Haycock’s Peveril Pure Magic; 3, K Dovey’s YewtreeOn-High. y’st. 1 & res, Miss McGrath’s Vernons Valeta; 2, MrsWhite’s Wheely Down Sonnet; 3, Mrs Moxon’s Wootton Candytuft. Fell, snr. (B Hodgson) 1 & ch, T Capstick’s Heltondale Misty IV; 2, G Guy’sHeltondale Delia III; 3, A Whittle’s Severnvale Sally. y’st. 1 &res, T Capstick’s Murthwaite Bracken; 2, Mr & Mrs T Good’s UnderwoodsIcarus; 3, G Guy’s Severnvale Sadie. Breeders sup in-hand HOYS qual. (Mrs B Ashby-Jones): Castle Comet (Connemara); res, Heltondale Misty IV (Fell).