Thieves target Jack Russell terriers

  • Racehorse trainer Dai Williams is warning Jack Russell owners to be vigilant after his dog was stolen from his high security yard

    The family of racehorse trainer Dai Williams is distraught after its two-year-old black and white Jack Russell, Murphy, was stolen last Tuesday (29 October) at around 10pm.

    Dai’s wife, Beverley Moore-Williams, says she understands there has been a spate of Jack Russell thefts in the area.

    “These dogs are popular – they’re small and easy to take and can fetch up to around £200,” she said.

    “Murphy belongs to our four-year-old daughter, Laura. She has been crying a lot and asking when he is coming home.

    “There was a noise in the yard and all our four Jack Russells ran out. Dai whistled and three came back, but Murphy was picked up by one of three men in the back of the yard,” said Beverley.

    “Dai gave chase in our car but by the time he’d got in the vehicle and dealt with the gates, it was too late. The three men were in two 4×4 vehicles.”

    Beverley says the men got in through an ungated bridleway, which runs through the yard in Wantage, Oxon.

    We have full security, with electric gates and security lighting, but the local council has insisted we leave the bridleway ungated.We will be approaching them again now to do something it”.

    The family, who describe him as “very friendly”, is offering a reward for the dog whose full name is Hillside Murphy.

    Anyone who has any details should contact Beverley Moore-Williams (tel: 01488 638636 or 01235 835888).

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