The Trickle Net — the ultimate small hole haynet

  • New to the market and already esdtablishing an excellent reputation, the Trickle Net is a tough and practical feeding net, specifically designed to ‘trickle’ feed your horse.

    It is ideal for laminitics, horses on box rest or just those greedy eaters who can wolf down their entire ration within an hour.

    Are you fed up with double and triple netting? Does your horse bolt his hay down in the evening and then stand all night with nothing to eat? Is your horse laminitic, and you need to ration his hay without ‘starving’ him? Or do you need to get some unhealthy weight off your porky pony?

    Try a Trickle Net. Hand-made in the UK and built to last, the quality of this product is clear to see. Finally there is a real small holed net, which will dramatically slow down forage consumption for even the most determined horse.

    Customer feedback

    “Thank you for designing such an excellent product. My horse is fitter, slimmer and happier now he can ‘graze’ all the time in his stable. I never thought I could feed him hay ad lib, but the Trickle Net means he can have hay constantly while I feed nearly half of what he used to eat!”

    “The benefits to using a Trickle Net are amazing. Now Teddy has a happy tummy, he has stopped banging his door and his stable is so much tidier because he’s kept busy all the time.”

    “Would just like to say a big thank you for designing the perfect net. We have been looking for such a net to slow down our two very greedy cobs and you have solved our problem. Many thanks”

    “My mare has almost stopped cribbing. I can’t believe it. She’s so busy fiddling away with her Trickle Net that we have seen a huge reduction in her ‘stressy’ behaviour. Her stable is immaculate too! Thank you.”

    “I had tried all the other small holed nets, and nothing did the job properly. They were flimsy, ripped easily and the holes which were already too big stretched more with use! The Trickle Net is fantastic. Does exactly what it says. Mine is in daily use and after two months it still looks brand new.”

    Visit www.tricklenet.co.uk for more information and to purchase your Trickle Net.

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