The College EC affiliated show jumping results, 31 May-1 June

  • THE COLLEGE EC 31 May-1 June
    jnr 85cm.— 1, Got To Be Cash (A Zelos); 2, Rhydcledan Reflection (M Bailey); 3, Congenial Miss (N Gwynne). jnr British novice 2nd round.— 1, Rhydcledan Reflection; 2, Beat Me Barney (K Leightley); 3, Ballyduff Bobby (S Quorn). Scope UK jnr progressive.— 1, Bam-Bam IV (C Hyde); 2, Chocalarto (A Zelos); 3, Georgie Arnie (G Cobley). Sport Action TV jnr adventurer.— 1, Fully Connected (S Quorn); 2 & 3 Misty Hazel & Starfield Sassia (S Gunn). Scope UK 148cm debut.—1 & 3, Cappagh Chino & Nolan (S Gunn); 2, Derra Vagh OG (R Danecker). Golden Bears/Straw Farm tiny tots.— 1eq, 5 tied. Smiths of Whiteinch 128/138cm h’cap.— 1eq, 6 tied. jnr 90cm.— 1 & 2, Got To Be Cash & Chocalarto; 3, Midnight Delight II (G Weedon). jnr discovery 2nd round.— 1, Zambarra (K Speller); 2, Queensdale Fascano (H Willett); 3, Absolute Angel (A McDonald). Equitrader jnr members cup.— 1, Mr Hip Hop Herbie (A McDonald); 2, Wandering Celt (A Turner); 3, Chomoc (O Gent). sml pony open.— 1, RB Spot On; 2, Llwynhaid Llewellyn (A Chitty); 3, Sports Trilogy (M Hills). Scope UK 128cm debut.— 1, Marons Stardust (A Chitty); 2, Thorneycroft Strawberry (G Bateman); 3eq, 3 tied. Scope UK 138cm debut.— 1, Carrbrook Special Editon (T Evans); 2, Firefly Of Riverdene (T Evans); 3, Sonny Himself (K Hunt).

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