The Cabin EC, showjumping results, 3-5 June 2011

  • KBIS Insurance British novice.— 1, Zurial (G Charlish); 2, Turlwood Errigal Touch (J King); 3, Calindo Z II (H Brogan). Equissage discovery.— 1, Littlehill Joker (K Grant); 2, Gold Finga (K McArthur); 3, Marley B Valentino (S Wallace). Therm Homes Europe Ltd 1.05m adventurer.— 1, Le Feva (L Smith); 2,Casper Z (H Ross); 3, Bas (K McArthur). newcomers/1.10m.— 1, Victors Quest (M Williams); 2, Vesuvio (J Brown); 3, Beamish Ales (H Miller). Foxhunter/1.20m.— 1, Tweezuzend M (S Gibb); 2, C Star (K McArthur); 3, WSH Wrangler (M Williams). KBIS Insurance British novice.— 1, Salene (G Speight); 2, Calindo Z II (H Brogan); 3, Destiny VIII (J Maher). Katherine James 1m novice.— 1, One Rose (J Brogan); 2, Bailey Bellisimo (G Raeside); 3, Catch 22 (S Murray). newcomers/1.10m.— 1, Azzuro (A Spalding); 2, Morning Flight (C Caldwell); 3, Bas II (K McArthur). 1.15m members cup.— 1, Wise Talk (F Burgoyne); 2, Wannadoo (G Raeside); 3, Wolienda BB (S Deasy). 1.25m.— 1, Turbo III (S Low Mitchell); 2, Flagmount Valentine (V Davidson); 3, Taikwando (S Low Mitchell). Cushionbed nat 1.40m/Scottish north west ch.— 1, Mr Pink II (F Good); 2, Tweeduzend M (S Gibb). 1.05m.— 1, Peniki (C Andrews); 2, Wild Thyme (M Lam); 3, Bailey Bellissimo (G Raeside). KBIS Insurance British novice.— 1, I Am Hector (S Low Mitchell); 2, Le Feva (L Smith); 3, Hagen V (M King). Equissage discovery.— 1, Could Be Lucky (L Campbell); 2, Destiny VIII (J Maher); 3, Coille Mor Review (F Ritchie). Sport Horse Classic Blue Riband ch Q.— 1, WSH Corranger (M Williams); 2, Celtic (V Davidson); 3, Amberleigh Walk (L Barclay). Equestrianclearance.com newcomers/1.10m.— 1, Victors Quest (M Williams); 2, Uniek IV (F Burgoyne); 3, Zoroland B (S Low Mitchell). 1.30m.— 1, Tweeduizend M (S Gibb); 2, Taikwando (S Low Mitchell); 3, Why Me II (K Connor).

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