Terrier rescued from mineshaft

  • A Jack Russell is alive and well after being rescued from a mineshaft in Cornwall

    Tiny, a Jack Russell bitch has been rescued after falling down a mineshaft in Baldhu, Cornwall while hunting for rabbits.

    Tiny was staying with her guardians, Michael and Jeanette Evans when she disappeared on near their home near Truro.

    The couple spent two days looking for the dog which belongs to their grandson GarethMankee.

    They concentrated their search around Wheal Jane mine in Baldhu, an area littered with disused mineshafts.

    After searching all day Michael decided to look in the meadow behind their cottage, concentrating on a capped mineshaft in case the terrier had become trapped.

    After calling Tiny’s name, he heard faint whimpering coming from the shaft. Michael called the Cornwall Fire Brigade and assistant divisional officer Jeff Hick came out to investigate.

    However, with the light fading it was decided to wait until the following morning before mounting a rescue attempt.

    A specialist team of firefighters from Camborne accompanied by firemen from Truro arrived and began their rescue operation.

    Specially-trained fireman Richard Keast, was lowered 50ft down the mineshaft where he was greeted by a delighted Tiny.

    Tiny was really pleased to see me,” said Richard “Although it was a sheer drop, the ground at the bottom of the mine was peaty and dry, so at least her landing was nice and soft.”

    Tiny was brought back to the surface in a special cage, lent by the RSPCA. The terrier was reunited with Michael and Jeanette, and apart from being hungry and thirsty, appeared none the worse for her ordeal.

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