Tea Tree Oil for a healthy horse

  • Hunter Horsecare Tea Tree Oil range includes hoof oil, cleansing lotion and cream, grooming spray, shampoo, mane and tail conditioner and fly repellent wipes.

    Horse Hoof Oil with Tea TreeOil is designed to maintain healthy horn, keeping the hoof supple and preventing sand cracks and cracked heels. It can also be used to improve the appearance of the hoof before competitions. Available in 500ml, one tin costs around £6.50.

    Hunter Horsecare describes theHorse Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil as a “3 in 1 shampoo”. It is designed to clean the horse’s coat, act as a fly repellent and help sooth minor scratches and insect bites. The shampoo is available in 200ml (£4.75), 1litre (£13.50) and 4 litre (£45) containers.

    Horse Grooming Spray with Tea Tree Oil is a multi-action spray that leaves your horse’s coat clean and shiny, repels dust and acts as a fly repellent. Available in a 500ml trigger spray bottle costing around £6, it should not be used around the saddle and girth area as it may cause the saddle to slip.

    Horse Lotion with Tea Tree Oil is a mild, soothing cleansing lotion that is suitable for use on minor abrasions, rubs and insect bites. Available in a 200ml bottle, it costs just under £6.

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