Take your dog on holiday

  • Taking your dog on holiday is becoming an increasingly popular option among holidaymakers both in the UK and abroad. In response to this Hoseasons and Chudleys have teamed up to create a Pet Travel Pack with tips and guidelines to help dog owners and their pets have a comfortable, safe and enjoyable holiday.

    The pack contains a booklet Taking your dog on holiday, which provides advice on what to pack for the four-legged holidaymaker, such as a favourite toy, blanket and brush.

    Diet tips are also provided in the booklet, which recommends that holidaymakers stick to the dog’s normal diet and bring enough food to last the duration of the holiday. They also recommend not feeding dogs holiday treats, such as ice cream and fish and chips as this might upset digestion.

    As most dogs are travelled to their holiday destination by car, travel tips are also included such as a supply of water, an open window for fresh air and a blanket or bed in the back of the car to ensure a comfortable journey for the dog.

    The pet travel kit contains a water bottle, food and water bowl, a stay-cool pack, poop-scoop bags, a Chudleys food sample and a Taking Your Dog on Holiday leaflet.

    The pet travel kit can be bought for £10.99 plus postage from Chudleys by mail order (tel: 0800 318156) or on line at www.chudleys.co.uk

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