Supplements help canine charity

  • A new scheme to help rehome rescues receives much needed funds from the sales of pet supplements

    A scheme to help rehome rescue dogs has been launched by the pet supplement company, VetVits.

    The company is hoping to raise £5,000 from the sale of dog vitamins, with 20 pence from every sale going towards the National Canine Defence League.

    The money will be put towards “Real Life Training Rooms“, which the league has opened in four of its 16 centres – with plans to install more.

    A spokeswoman for the NCDL said: “The rooms are furnished to look like living rooms in a house so that dogs can get used to the sights and soundsthey will encounter.

    Some of our animals who were born in the centre may never have seen or heard a TV or vacuum cleaner, for example.

    “It also helps if people can meet the dogs in a homely environment rather than in a kennel.”

    A survey by the NCDL showed that 113, 000 dogs were abandoned in the UK in 2001. The league has rehomed around 780 so far this year and has 2,000 dogs at its centres at any one time.

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