Supplementary nutrition

  • EVENT is an all-round supplement for equines, containing more than 60 elements, vitamins and micronutrients

    HorseSense Professional’s new supplement EVENT contains organic chelate trace element vitamins and is suitable for horses competing in all disciplines, as it does not contain any substances that contravene the Jockey Club or FEI rules.

    Horses and ponies suffering from laminitis may especially benefit from it, as they will receive all the necessary nutrients required to promote healing and repair. The supplement , which needs to be administered orally by drench once a month, can also be fed to aged or convalescing horses.

    According to the manufacturers, users have noticed an improvement in general health, allergy resistance, fertility, stamina and overall performance.

    Manufactured by HorseSense Professional, EVENT is available in three pack sizes, 240ml, 1 litre and 2.5 litres.

    Cost at around £25 for 240ml.

    Contact EVENT (tel: 01772 634456)

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