Super Solvitax Projoint supplement

  • Seven Seas’ Projoint supplement gets the thumbs up from our tester, John Salter

    Super Solvitax Projoint supplement has been formulated by Seven Seas Pet and Animal Health Care to help maintain flexible and mobile joints.

    Described as suitable for all horses, this supplement is described as ideal for growing foals, elderly horses and horses whose joints are under stress during exercise.

    Projoint contains Alavis MSM, which is rich in organic sulphur, and is available in 400g (around £19) and 1kg (around £35) tubs.

    Tester’s comments

    John Salter, owner of a private livery yard in Hertforshire, tested Super Solvitax Projoint supplement on a 16-year-old warmblood mare which is kept with him on part livery. John schools Stara once a week.

    “When Stara arrived around 12 months ago she was stiff behind and would go unlevel in trot at times. Her owner has tried her on a number of supplements designed to aidmobility, but this is the first which I feel has really made a difference.

    “Since being on the Projoint I feel she is more able to carry weight on her hocks. Her owner also thinks there has been an improvement and was delighted with the consistency of her scores at recent dressage competitions.

    “My only complaint is about the shape of the tub. I found it difficult to get my hand inside the opening to reach the powder at the bottom of the tub. Maybe the manufacture had designed it for a moreslender female hand!”

    Contact Seven Seas (tel: 01482 375234).

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