Suffolk showing results, 7 June 2012

  • Ridden hunter (I Smeeth, R Ramsay) lwt.– 1 & ch, P Underwood’s Loch Royal; 2, W King’s Tempting Touch; 3, J Armstrong-Small & L Buckton’s Kansas Toddle. mwt.– 1 & res, C Langrish’s Blushing Boy; 2, J Armstrong-Small’s Andor O. hwt.– 1, L Smith’s Lord Litchfield; 2, S Hill’s Castlerock; 3, C Ford’s Punchestown. ladies (Mrs L Tylor).– 1, P Underwood’s Tommy; 2, Kansas Toddle; 3, J Martin’s Jonas O’Shannon. sml.– 1, P Underwood’s Royal Agent. side saddle (Mrs A Derby) classical.– 1, L , Allen’s Melford George; 2, C Betts’ Dingle Bay. equitation.– 1, A Bevan’s Glencroft Rocky; 2, Jonas O’Shannon; 3, J Childs’ Tockmarfs Tia. working hunter (I Smeeth, R Ramsay) novice.– 1, E Lacey’s Ludat; 2, R Wright’s Tornado D; 3, K Huyton’s Sannan Valley Justice. open.– 1, E Lacey’s Robbie The Robster; 2, P Philp’s Rococo; 3, K Hirst’s Royale Impact. Cleveland Bay (L Clarke) ridden.– 1, P Shipley’s Barbarian Buccaneer; 2, J Davie’s Gorwell Dancemaster; 3, A Hale’s Huggi Bere. veteran (Mrs H Elcombe) in-hand, pre veteran.– 1 & res, C Chamberlain’s Special Draft; 2, A Lankester’s Bonnie Sonya; 3, F Farquharson’s Kily Keen Kate. veteran.– 1 & ch, A Butler’s Brenmor Caradog; 2, M Ayton-Andrews’ Grange Jewell; 3, L Wiseman’s American Apache. vet plus.– 1, J Davie’s Gorwell Dancemaster; 2, C Mace’s Tariba. RIHS show pony (R Parker-Jones) LR.– 1, J van Praagh’s Fawsley Chiff Chaff; 2, C Read’s Cosford Bitter Aloe; 3, L Hillyard’s Barkway Blackjack. FR.– 1 & ch, Barkway Blackjack; 2 & res, L Sanders’ Hightopps Dancing Bee; 3, L Simms’ Hollybush Libretto. 128cm.– 1 & ch, B Newby’s Chinook Dark Charm; 2, E Beer’s Highbent Tiffany; 3, L Simms’ Mount Pleasant Tiara. 138cm.– 1, K Webber’s Palmfields Prince Of Romance; 2, N Grooby’s Small-Land Mooncoin; 3, N Cranes’ Queensdale Timpani. 148cm.– 1 & res, Lady Benton-Jones’ Daldorn Spring Thyme; 2, S Veale’s Marshbrook Lady Arabella. SHP, LR.– 1, J Van Praagh’s Joebey Chitty Chitty Bang; 2, C Beaumont’s Priestwood Roc Star; 3, T Barnett’s Caridines Tarquin. 122cm.– 1, J Watt’s Colby Starglow; 2, M Uthwatt-Bouverie’s Gerdinen Zuni; 3, L Sanders’ Braeglen Toy Soldier. 133cm.– 1, E Turner’s Piran Rosella; 2, F Farquharson’s Daldorn Whistle Blower; 3, S Rodgers’ Annandale Maris. 143cm.– 1, F Farquharson’s Kily Keen Kate; 2, E Hardy’s North Star; 3, V Dutton’s Orley Wishful Joker. 153cm.– 1 & res, L Hillyard’s Vaguely Venture; 2 & ch, C Spencer’s Farellys Charlie; 3, A Bevan’s Glencroft Rocky. pony breeding (Mrs J MacInness) y’ling.– 1 & res, A Constable & C Bullman’s Clareb Jumping Jack Flash. 2/3yo.– 1 & ch, C McCormick’s Brookvale Mister Tom; 2, K Pitts & M Firth’s Romanno Chitter Chatter; 3, L Fry-Lockier’s Deanhills Revolusion. b’mare.– 1, D Herron’s Castanya Starlite. SHP in-hand, y’stk.– 1, A Timms’ Rotherwood Mr Motivator; 2 & ch, K Pitts & M Firth’s Romanno Gypsy Queen; 3, L Calcutt’s Duradens Happy Daze. mare/gelding.– 1 & res sup in-hand pony & 2, K Pitts & M Firth’s Romanno Romany Gypsy & Romanno Talk Talk; 3, E Walker’s Diamond Enterprise. M&M WHP (Mrs R Bown, R James) nov, 122cm.– 1, J Watts’ Aislaby Johannes; 2, N Bloss’ Forlan Honey Dundandy; 3, C Murrell’s Hollywood. 138cm.– 1, L Harris’ Glansevin Fairfax; 2, J Croft’s Stockham Secret Envoy; 3, R Gredley’s Hollizan Hosanna. 148cm.– 1 & ch, K Simmons’ St Flannans Aohdan; 2 & res, S Wheway’s Bisterne Diva. PRP Rescue HOYS M&M WHP, 122cm.– 1, P Eddis’ Kyregate Peter Pan; 2, H Billingham’s J Miss Millie; 3, J Watt’s Aislaby Johannes. 138cm.– 1 & ch, J Somerset’s Tyan Tullamore; 2, V Taheri-Sinfield’s Mallards Wood Full Monty; 3, J Croft’s Stockham Secret Envoy. exc 138cm.– 1 & res, S Fuller Lewis’ Elaphine Murphy; 2, D Hunt’s Chilham Temple Bar; 3, C Coward’s Riversdale Papago. M&M FR (D Sykes).– 1 & res, J O’Keeffe’s Tinsley Rock N Roll; 2, K Booty’s Shilstone Rocks Mayhem; 3, N Marsden’s Cochno Nero. Welsh sec A/B.– 1 & ch, M & L Kilbey’s Kenilwood Monarch; 2, C Sykes’ Brynseion Leontes; 3, C Murrell’s Param Hollywood. BSPS Olympia Heritage ridden M&M (Mrs J Price, A Robertson) sml.– 1 & res, J Newbery’s Newoak Furious; 2, E Arnold’s Vean Night Fever; 3, Mr & Mrs A Bromwich’s Waulkmill Redstart. lge.– 1 & ch, D Bright’s Moss-Side McLaren; 2, D Barfield’s Glenwestcastle Loch Tay; 3, L Howlett’s Wellbrow Black Knight. Connemara, New Forest.– 1, J Rose’s Chilham Night Hawk; 2, N Noonan’s Banks Vanilla; 3, O Aulton’s Ballylean Caster. sec A/B.– 1, L Pope’s Llanarth Limited Edition; 2, M & L Kilbey’s Idyllic Perdita; 3, S Wright’s Techon Tomas. sec C.– 1, N Musson’s Popsters Tommy Coddles; 2, T Hall’s D’Abernon Diva; 3, D & S Bright’s Waxwing Rheel. sec D.– 1, A Jackson’s Dycott Welsh King; 2, C Thorpe’s Lynbrie Welsh Lord; 3, A Twigg’s Cruglwyd Sant. ridden M&M (Mrs S Hore) sml.– 1, Vean Night Fever; 2, F Harrison’s Anchor Bustard; 3, Waulkmill Redstart. lge.– 1 & ch, C Booth’s Murthwaite John Tom; 2 & res, J Howie’s Rickamore Monty; 3, Mr & Mrs R Shave’s MacCallumdene. in-hand, Dartmoor, Exmoor (D Sykes) 4yo & over.– 1, D Marven’s Yeoland Florestan; 2, M Vaughan’s Moortown Sensation; 3, B Mason’s Cayberry Flash Dance. Exmoor, 4yo & over.– 1, V Martin’s Galaxy Capricorn; 2, S Muir’s Threeshires Zanatan; 3, E Barker’s Threeshires Consort. y’stk.– 1, L Calcutt’s Duradens Krugerrand; 2, E Barker’s Threeshires Gallant; 3, Mr & Mrs M Wooderson’s Springwater Music Master. lge (Mrs S Hore).– 1, D Barfield’s Glenwestcastle Loch Tay; 2, S Bloomfield’s Ludworth Donna; 3, T & K Pitcher’s Lochranza Of Langley. y’stk.– 1, T & K Pitcher’s Tower Drummer Boy; 2, S Woolerton’s Clandon Precious. Connemara, New Forest (Mrs J MacInnes) 4yo & over.– 1 & ch, J Somerset’s Tesremos Top Bear; 2, J Etheridge’s Kippure Viking; 3, A Day’s Waltersgay Rocket Man. y’stk.– 1 & res, Lady Huntingdon’s Briden First Edition; 2, T Chalmers’ Debbicot Orla; 3, K Clark’s Lockinge King Arthur. sec A (D Blair) stallion.– 1, J Etheridge’s Wheelers Mr Ambassador. 4yo & over.– 1, ch, M&M ch & sup pony, R Wales’ Springlane Prosperity; 2, Ashenvale Stud’s Blackhill Eirona; 3, D Sutton’s Brwmstan Fern. y’ling.– 1, R Eastwood’s Llyndu Polly Anna; 2, R Wales’ Springlane Soprano; 3, W Merryman’s Staines Queen Of The May. 2/3yo.– 1 & res, A Overton-Ablitt’s Colne Torpedo; 2, G Crouchman’s Springlane Firecracker; 3, E Lawrence’s Mardenway High Flyer. sec B, 4yo & over.– 1, I Delaitre’s Brynoffa Julianna; 2, Mr & Mrs J Greenleaf’s Brookhall Emma; 3, Mr & Mrs R Rodd’s Marons Pearly Necklace. y’ling.– 1, Mr & Mrs J Greenleaf’s Brookhall Sky Dream; 2, M Butters’ Tasvalley Abigai; 3, H Pearce’s Wotfield Bari. 2/3yo.– 1, S Hird’s Rosedust Black Viola; 2, P Cooke’s Locksbit Whispering Primrose; 3, S Finlinson & S Smith’s Bunbury Picture. sec C, stallion.– 1 & res, G Deller’s Cilmaengwyn Welsh Jac. 4yo & over.– 1 & ch, Giles’ Leyeswick Farvie’s Girl; 2, Mr & Mrs P Curtis’ Moelwyn Fiona; 3, A Hinchley’s Menai Ryan. y’ling.– 1, S Petchey’s Mandacre Honey Bee. 2/3yo.– 1, T Hall’s Ballagh The Buck; 2, C Meads’ D’Abernon Jessica; 3, V Hawkins-Smith’s Pennal Sportsman. sec D, stallion.– 1, A Twigg’s Cruglwyd Sant. 4yo & over.– 1, L Smith’s Greenwing Pandora’s Pride; 2, F McAllan’s Sharp Welsh Jakob; 3, R Keeling’s Perthog Ciw-Cyntaf. foal.– 1, L Smith. y’ling.– 1, J Kilbey’s Gobell Celt. 2/3yo.– 1, S Davis’ Dyffryngwy Hayley Westenra; 2, S Bramhall’s Greenwing Fire Fly; 3, S Dawson’s Pendancer Riversong. Shetland (D Sykes) snr male.– 1 & res, Mr & Mrs A Bromwich’s Claife Voyager; 2, Mr & Mrs M Wooderson’s Claife Redman; 3, L Yendell’s Burghwood Tristan. mare.– 1, ch & res sup M&M, J Land’s Dryknowl Branshee; 2, Mr & Mrs A Bromwich’s Champlers Elana; 3, L Buchanon-Jackson’s Blackertor Rhonda. y’stk.– 1, A Hinchley’s Beltoy Steltarnia; 2, C Wyncoll’s Megan’s Bobby Dazzler; 3, G Chenery’s Millquoy Lucky Lass.

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