Study racing at Hartpury

  • Hartpury College teams up with the British Racing School to offer students a chance to study the racing industry

    Hartpury College has joined forces with the British Racing School to provide students that are interested in racing, but do not wish to become jockeys or lads, an opportunity to learn more about the industry.

    Starting in September 2002, the college will offer a special racing option within its National Diploma inHorse Management programme. Students who are more sports-focused can study the human role in the industry by combining it with the National Diploma in Sports Science programme.

    Kevin Hamblin, Hartpury’s Vice President said: “Hartpury is not offering to train would-be stable lads and jockey’s – that’s what the British Racing School does extremely well.

    “Hartpury’s new racing specialisms will offer academic training for individuals who are interested in finding work in the areas which support the racing industry, such as racecourses, bookmakers, and auction houses.”

    The National Diploma in Horse Management (Racing) will provide students with knowledge of equine knowledge, business skills, and industrial experience, as well as hands-on stable management experience. The three specific racing modules will focus on training, racing, and fitness.

    The racing development at the college will be accompanied by a “major” investment in an all-weather gallop, the establishment of a racing yard and the development of a research portfolio.

    “The racing yard will not be run commerically, but it will have a number of privately owned horses in and the trainee jockey’s and lads will work under the trainer. The college intends to provide students with a realistic working environment to support their academic learning,” explained Kevin.

    The racing industry is estimated to support around 60,000 jobs. A further 40,000 are employed in the betting industry, which relies on horseracing for around 70% of its business

    For more details contact Hartpury (tel: 01452 700283) or visit www.hartpury.ac.ukNOTES ON HARTPURY RACING SPECIALISMracing and breeding supports some 60,000 jobs, A further 40,000 are employed in the betting industryKevin HamblinVice principlie ¨ not duplicate what the brc do already which is to deliver vocational work base study to 16-19 year olds. Wehave 205 horses at Hartpury the moment and focus on eventing. We intend to create an acadamy of sports, which includes eventing and we wish to include horse racing at Further and higher education level.After national Diploma students will either go on to employment or to higher education. Spots science ND with focus on the interaction of horse and jockey, and do research surrounding this. Racing industry has a gap in its teaching at this level for these support roles. We will provide peoplefor the management side. At the moment the only way to break in is through connections.What will the racing specialism include? Vocational qualification ¨ practical hands-on stable management plus learn theory about the industry. 3 modules, trainig,racing, fitness and training. Common ¨ equie rehab, business a, bevioue and welfare, and industrial experience. Work placement 10 weeks ¨ race course, bookmakers, auction house, support side. Begin September 2002. Jointing promotion between brcand Hartpury, looking for more academic students who would like a less hands-on role.Name of Trainer etc is still under discussion.

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